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Chatting with board members at a major apparel company last night, a few mentioned a story on NPR's Morning Edition about the social divide between young Facebook and MySpace users. I've been skeptical before, but am converting.

Marketers who want to reach mass audiences, especially mass youth audiences, should monitor this. And they shouldn't leave MySpace out of their plans. It still has a big, loyal audience. And it's beefing up its entertainment content and ad sales, while trying to copy Facebook's social communications features. Compared with Facebook, MySpace offers at least equal
targeting capabilities and more places – e.g., its home page, video
section, MySpace Music – where large numbers of users congregate.

Of course, we've been watching MySpace work its way toward 21st Century entertainment portal-hood for some time (report for Forrester clients). It still has a ways to go. Forrester clients can also read our recent report on teen coolhunting with social network sites.