I just presented the latest findings of a new research published "Mobile Technographics in Europe" to Forrester clients at our London Consumer Forum.

This report looks at the state of the European mobile market and at how consumers are using mobile services. We have created different profiles looking at how consumers are using their mobile phones in the different countries.

Over the past two years, the introduction of the iPhone has changed the way consumers and brands perceive mobile phones. It acted as a marketing catalyst, raising awareness of smarter devices and conveying the idea that there are as many mobile services as there are consumers. Consumers will continue to shift their attitudes toward mobile phones — perceiving them not only as communication tools but also increasingly as entertaining and productive devices that can help them in their daily lives. More than 40% of European consumers are beginning to demonstrate sophisticated usage of mobile services.

We expect this to grow over time led by the two most sophisticated group of users (SuperConnecteds and Entertainers). They will change the general perception of mobile phones:

I had a number of conversations with financial institutions, retailers, travel companies and global CPG or luxury brands either planning to add a mobile dimension to their strategy or already doing so. Most of them recognized that mobile could be potentially as disruptive as the PC a decade ago. Japan or South Korea are not exceptions. The question is not if but when and how to phase out their mobile investment.

I have also met executives that are still skeptical saying the market is not mature enough and acknowledging they are still struggling with their online strategy. We believe they are wrong because the path of innovation is accelerating like never before and because they are growing even if limited opportunities to tap into today. The key is to identify the relevant audiences.

Companies that hadn't anticipated the disruption of the PC internet such as media companies are now doubling their efforts to catch up in the digital space, not only on the PC but also on mobile.  

Let's face reality, mobile is not going to change drastically their P&L even in 2010. However, it is time to make the most of new consumer behaviors and to anticipate changes.

One first step is to look at the mobile profile of your own customers to at least know the potential you can tap into today…and to plan ahead for tomorrow.

Clients can access the research here. If you want to discuss this more in depth, feel free to contact me at thusson AT forrester DOT com.