First: Take our survey on marketing measurement and receive a free piece of research for your effort.

Second: Some background. It's that time of year! Time to make lists of what went well and what needs to be improved and overhauled for the next year.

Earlier this year, I met with members of Forrester's Customer Intelligence Council to talk about measurement frameworks and the challenges they encounter in chronicling and communicating their successes. And in using metrics to uncover gaps in their marketing programs. While members represented different industries, each with their own metrics and challenges, many challenges like designing acurate attribution models, finding the ideal customer metrics, and bridging channel-specific silos seem constant.

The Council is a small group, however, so in an effort to gather some more representative information, I've put together a survey to better understand the challenges and opportunities around measurement. Please take it and share the link with your customer intelligence peers, and you'll receive a free piece of research for your time investment (10-15 minutes). Thank you!