Forrester began surveying global banking platform deals in 2005. For 2010, we evaluated about 1,200 banking platform deals submitted by 23 vendors and located in more than 130 countries. Shortly, we will publish the final results of this evaluation. Today, I want to offer some initial trends:

  • Survey participants show mixed levels of success. There is no coherent pattern for 2010 indicating that certain groups of vendors were more successful than others. Just the opposite: Independent from their total number of deals or regional breadth in previous years, vendors showed deal numbers changing in a range from about 60% to more than 200%.
  • The banking platform market has revitalized. After shrinking in the two-digit range from 2008 to 2009, the off-the-shelf banking platform market started to grow again. While the growth is only moderate, it is an enormous improvement compared with the previous year’s results. The group of top ten vendors grew much stronger than average in the 2010 survey.
  • Many regions return to old deals patterns. It is too early to provide an exact picture on the different regions of the world. However, many but not all regions have likely returned to the level of deal activity that Forrester observed in previous years. Some regions may very well reach an all-time high.

All the details will be available with a series of forthcoming reports focusing on the success of the participating vendors, the regional success perspective, as well as delivered functionality. If you do not want to wait: I will share some of the results during a Forrester Teleconference on March 31. As always, let me know your thoughts.