Have you accepted the CORE mission yet? If you are an interactive marketer, our document about CORE provides you with a road map for leading change in your organization. But if you would rather see me talk about it, check out my speech from the Marketing Forum.

In my speech, in addition to introducing the CORE mission, I outlined how FedEx is acheiving its CORE mission. One person, Dennis Shirokov, created a comprehensive business case for CORE that ended up on the desk of the CEO. Now, Dennis has the cash and the directive to make sweeping changes that will enable customized interactions, optimized execution, and responsive engagement. Dennis knew that O was the foundation for C and R, which is why he focused his business case on investments in technology in analytics that would drive more efficiency and cross-channel synergy.

In a few weeks, my co-author, Shar VanBoskirk, will be publishing the results from the CORE survey attendees took at the forum. This research will be published in a maturity model framework that will provide interactive marketers benchmarks and clear next steps so that you can focus your business case just like Dennis. Stay tuned!