Are you winning? No, this is not about Charlie Sheen! I mean, are you one of the “fortunate” ones leading application delivery in a firm that is winning?

Today’s economy is a mix of winners and losers, with winners weighted strongly toward firms, industries, and regions experiencing rapid growth in customer demand for experiences that integrate their lives across multiple digital (mobile, web, …) and physical (retail, auto, …) touchpoints. App delivery leaders experiencing this rapid growth would say it is “the best of times,” except for how hard it is to keep up — the business demands more and more, faster and faster! So “winning” can be a mixed blessing in software, too:

Relevant Advice For “Winning” App Delivery Leaders

Lately I’ve been working with the speakers for our upcoming Application Development & Delivery Forum 2011, Sep 22-23, 2011, in Boston*, helping them to prepare their keynote and track sessions, and I’ve been struck by how relevant their advice will be for these “winning” app delivery leaders. This is all by design – we are aiming this event squarely at solving the problems you winners face.

Dan Simpson, SVP and CIO of Physician’s Mutual, will be telling how he transformed IT to be much more customer-centric, driving dramatic improvements in application delivery. Paul Rogers, Executive General Manager, GE Energy, will explain how he scaled up Agile across a global organization, driving increased business success. And Jez Humble, Principal Consultant from ThoughtWorks, will share how he has helped many enterprises mature their Agile approach to its logical endpoint in continuous delivery.

We are also preparing Forrester keynotes based on fresh research on delivering compelling customer experiences, transforming business processes, and building high-performance teams from Mike Gualtieri, Derek Miers, Jeffrey Hammond, and myself. We have coupled our keynote sessions with three tracks that will help you and your team succeed in driving this new world of customer engagement that Forrester calls “The Age of the Customer.” Track sessions include:

  • Transforming Application Delivery Into A High-Performing Organization
  • Design For The Customer’s Experience To Transform Your Application Development Team
  • A Winning Mobile Applications Strategy
  • Taking Agile To The Next Level: Lean, Continuous, Speedy Delivery
  • How Cloud Computing Changes Application Development And Delivery

Our research shows a strong correlation between being customer-centric, agile, and achieving rapid delivery with success in driving increased innovation and customer value.

Winners keep winning because they never stop learning. Join us in Boston to learn how to up your game and become a winner, if you’re not already winning.

* Early-bird rate available until August 12, 2011.