To succeed in today's turbulent business environment, enterprises must drive deeper customer engagement, connecting empowered customers to the valuable services they want across multiple touchpoints. This crucial shift to an outside-in focus, however, brings new demands and challenges to the application development and delivery organization. On June 13, 2011, Forrester convened a group of expert analysts to discuss:

  • How application delivery should partner with marketing to drive deeper customer engagement through the entire life cycle across multiple touchpoints.
  • Best practices for application development to design and deliver improved customer experiences.
  • How to reconcile the need for stronger design with agile processes and continuous delivery.
  • How to optimize your mobile application strategy to serve empowered customers.
  • How to exploit emerging application platforms, including cloud, to empower customers and the business to enable rapid change.

This Teleconference was one of two in a series of Customer Empowerment Jam Sessions. We have now transcribed the content of that jam session into a Forrester report, "Application Delivery Must Enter The Age Of The Customer." Check it out! It's chock full of dynamic discussion and practical advice from Paul Hagen, Mike Gualtieri, Jeffrey S. Hammond, Diego Lo Giudice, and John R. Rymer.

To learn more, attend our upcoming Application Development & Delivery Forum 2011, Sep 22-23, 2011, in Boston. You'll find even more advice on how to enter the age of the customer.