Not long ago, digital marketers lived by the rule “Content is king!”

Today, what matters is what you do with that content and your digital channels. In 2013, digital experience (DX) is king, so it’s imperative that you deliver interactions that are personal, contextual, and multichannel. We’re talking websites, mobile, social, email, and kiosks — with Google Glass and more coming soon.

Firms need the right technology in place so IT and marketing pros can deliver on this big vision if they intend to differentiate via digital.  But let’s be frank: This is a complex challenge, and many companies are a long way from solving it.

There’s good news if you’re trying to crack this nut, however. Our newly published report, “The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013,” shows that the current crop of web content management solutions is laser-focused on supporting the DX mandate.

Our report provides IT, business, and marketing pros a deep look at 10 providers of web content management (WCM) solutions — Adobe Systems, Acquia, Ektron, HP Autonomy, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle, SDL, and Sitecore. We analyzed solutions across 100 criteria, reviewed extensive product demos, and spoke with dozens of WCM vendor customers. We heard the good, the bad, and the ugly of WCM use in the field. And, for the first time, Forrester’s WCM Wave looks at an open source platform (Drupal), through the lens of Acquia, a for-profit company that supports Drupal.

An update of our 2011 WCM Wave, our new WCM Wave paints a clear picture of each vendor’s present strategy and shows how each — to its own degree — is arming marketers with the capabilities to create, deliver, and even automate digital customer experiences.

Forrester clients seeking clarity around these solutions can download the report and a companion Excel document with detailed research and comparative analysis across dozens of criteria. (On the report’s page on, see “Tools & Templates: Vendor Selection Aids.”) If you’re actively seeking a WCM solution, you can customize the weightings assigned to key criteria so you can view the products through your own prism.

This is a constantly evolving market. We’d love to hear in the comments section what you have to say about the report, the WCM solutions you’re using, and what capabilities have helped you excel at delivering on the mandate for multichannel digital customer experiences.