We've been talking about Adaptive Intelligence (AI) for a while now. As a refresher, AI is is the real-time, multidirectional sharing of data to derive contextually appropriate, authoritative knowledge that helps maximize business value.  

Increasingly in inquiries, workshops, FLB sessions, and advisories, we hear from our customer insights (CI) clients that developing the capabilities required for adaptive intelligence would actually help them solve a lot of other problems, too. For example:

  • A systematic data innovation approach encourages knowledge sharing throughout the organization, reduces data acquisition redundancies, and brings energy and creativity to the CI practice.
  • A good handle on data origin kickstarts your marketing organization's big data process by providing a well-audited foundation to build upon.
  • Better data governance and data controls improve your privacy and security practices by ensuring cross-functional adoption of the same set of standards and processes.
  • Better data structure puts more data in the hands of analysts and decision-makers, in the moment and within the systems of need (eg, campaign management tools, content management systems, customer service portals, and more).
  • More data interoperability enables channel-agnostic customer recognition, and the ability to ingest novel forms of data — like preference, wearables data, and many more — that can vastly improve your ability to deliver great customer experiences.
  • A solid data product management team can really elevate the visibility and value of customer insights by turning CI from a cost center into a revenue-generating organization.

In other words, by putting into motion the steps to become adaptively intelligent, customer insights leaders will also be future-proofing their CI organization.

Today, we've published a tool (see a sample assessment below) that can help you measure your AI readiness. It assesses seven categories of capability, and provides guidance on next steps to close the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be. Distribute the assessment widely, and use it as the foundation for building your roadmap toward adaptive intelligence. And, as always, I encourage you to schedule an inquiry to review the results!