In the age of the customer, customer insights (CI) professionals must invest in software solutions that will help them orchestrate contextual marketing.  However, as outlined in Cory Munchbach’s report Let’s Revisit the Enterprise Marketing Technology Landscape (Again), the market is in a state of flux.  Not only are we seeing tremendous M&A activity, but a constant stream of new vendors is flooding an already crowded space with innovative solutions. 

How does the CI pro responsible for marketing technology buying make an informed decision when faced with so many options?  Well, to quote Ron Davies (feel free to summon the voices of Three Dog Night, David Bowie or Shelby Lynne, if you prefer), “It Ain’t Easy!”  To help CI pros with their decision-making, my latest brief The Marketing Technology Buyer’s Dilemma provides advice on how to maintain customer focus while navigating market changes.

One of the keys is greater analytics adoption.  However, as Jody Sarno points out, In The Age Of The Customer, Insight Isn't Enough. CI pros must leverage analytics to derive insights that in turn enable more contextually-driven campaigns to satisfy customer expectations.  Building a contextual marketing engine requires CI pros to evaluate complex marketing technology options, as well as new deployment models that meet business requirements. If you are a CI pro responsible for buying business technology, you can no longer afford to do so within an organizational silo; you must review requirements with your technology management peers to invest in Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda.

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