At Forrester, “EO + 6” is code for the publication status of a playbook. It stands for Executive Overview plus six reports – at which point, we formally launch the playbook with its special links and landing page on Playbooks are designed to help clients succeed with complex programs, such as organizational transformation.

Get Ready For The B2B Marketing Renaissance

The next wave of competitive advantage for B2B companies will come from deepening customer knowledge and taking action based on an obsessive desire to deliver what their customers want before their competitors do. This fundamentally changes the role of B2B marketers; they need to evolve from brand stewards, lead generation machines, and sales supporters to architects of customer engagement across the customer life cycle. The B2B marketing playbook provides practical guidance for B2B professionals who are leading and living that transformation. 

The Playbook Report Titles Tell The Story

Executive. Overview:  Turn B2B Marketing Into A Customer-Obsessed Organization

Landscape:  Get Ready For The B2B Marketing Renaissance

Tools And Technology: TechRadar™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q3 2016

Strategic Plan: Scale Your B2B Customer Obsession With A Go-To-Customer Strategy

Benchmarks:  2016 B2B Budget Plans Show It's Time For A Digital Wake-Up Call

Vision:  Make Your B2B Marketing Thrive In The Age Of The Customer

Performance Management: Metrics That Matter For B2B Marketers

The next report is already going through its final editing process and we will publish report No. 8, the Road Map, at the B2B Marketing Forum.

Assessment: "Evaluate Your B2B Marketing Maturity”

          Road Map:  “Waypoints On The Road To Customer-Obsessed Marketing

The remaining four reports will complete the playbook later in the year, addressing the Organization, Process, Business Case, and Continuous Improvements aspects of the transformation project.

Use The Playbook’s GTC Matrix To Align To Your Business Strategy

The playbook leverages Forrester’s Go-To-Customer Strategy matrix which enables marketers to scale and plan their content, sales and lead management programs based on the buying archetype(s) discovered. It even informs your marketing technology strategy.  BTW: Our clients have told us that another, and significant, power of the GTC matrix is that you get to align marketing spend to the company’s business strategy by investing in only the most important and significant archetypes as opposed to doing everything for everyone.

Always keeping you informed! Peter