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Federal Workforce Tops The List For The President’s 2025 Budget

Angelina Gennis April 16, 2024
Building a results-oriented culture in government will require evaluating what culture is and defining leaders’ role in it. Learn more in this post.

Culture Tools To Stay Afloat In 2024

Angelina Gennis January 2, 2024
We’re mere days into 2024, and leaders across sectors and industries are bracing for challenges and tough choices in the months to come. Leaders who know how to use the power of culture will feel the buoyancy of sustained employee trust and happiness. While you were (hopefully) getting some R&R during the last week of […]

Government Leaders: Generative AI Is Your Use Case For Culture Change

Angelina Gennis June 8, 2023
New AI tools offer managers in government ways to safely encourage experimentation in daily work tasks, benefitting overall cultural energy.

Government Agencies: Stop Sitting On EX Insights

Angelina Gennis March 3, 2022
Governments have a wealth of employee data they aren't putting to use. It's time to start driving more actionable insights.

Winning Executive Support To Establish, Fund, And Scale CX

Angelina Gennis June 22, 2021
Discover the critical elements of a CX function that wins executive buy-in and is able to successfully get funding and scale up.

Culture Is Critical To Your Customer Obsession Strategy

Angelina Gennis April 15, 2021
Tired of hearing the phrase “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”? As more CEOs put customer obsession at the heart of their corporate strategy, the mantra bears repeating — because customer-obsessed companies put in the culture work to educate and encourage the workforce on everyone’s role in the customer-obsession strategy. Otherwise, the strategy stalls out or even negatively impacts the culture. If that sounds daunting, know […]

The Rising Bar For Retailer Mobile App Experiences — Are You Ready?

Scott Compton April 14, 2021
Use best-in-class examples to prioritize your retail mobile app development.

Establish, Scale, And Evolve Your CX Culture Work Practice

Angelina Gennis March 5, 2021
Culture work is the customer experience (CX) competency that amplifies all the other CX competencies — from design to measurement — and I’ve just completed a thorough refresh of Forrester’s core research on culture work: a trilogy of reports that’s part of our CX transformation playbook. Over the past couple of years leading this research, […]

It’s Time For A US Federal Chief Customer Officer

Rick Parrish December 4, 2020
The Biden administration should work with Congress to create a permanent federal chief customer officer (CCO) role to oversee policy, spending, and interagency coordination for all federal customer experience (CX) efforts. Folks at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and some US federal agencies have been working hard to improve the quality […]

Get Smart On CX Teams: An Interview With DoorDash

Angelina Gennis August 7, 2020
Anastasia Zdoroviak is senior manager of customer experience (CX) at food delivery technology company DoorDash. We spoke about how the CX team identifies and designs for different user types to orchestrate a seamless customer experience.

Do You Know Your New Customer Journeys?

Angelina Gennis May 4, 2020
New customer journeys are emerging as digital adoption accelerates during COVID-19. These are journeys you’ll want to map, because a journey map is often the first opportunity to view the end-to-end customer experience and understand the wants, needs, and pain points of your customers as they navigate that journey.

The State Of CX Teams

Angelina Gennis February 20, 2020
There are no specifications for the perfect CX team. Yet our survey reveals a few notable trends.

Define New Relationships With CX Champions Programs

Angelina Gennis November 27, 2019
Learn how using CX champions can help your program.

Jump From Burning Platform To CX Transformation

Angelina Gennis September 10, 2019
In academia, we called it “publish or perish.” In marketing, we called it #StayRelevant. And in business, it’s the “burning platform.” It’s the idea that people’s behavior is changing and competitors are taking the leap while you stay “safe” on a crumbling cliff. Sounds dire, but that’s the picture you need to paint as a […]

Navigate Our Top 25 Reports On Journey Maps

Angelina Gennis August 5, 2019
Journey mapping has become an ubiquitous tool for CX. As a concept for initially understanding your customer experience, it can seem approachable enough, but for improving CX, the practice is dynamic and ever-evolving. Forrester experts in journey mapping have written over 50 reports, and counting, to help CX pros at any stage determine a path […]

HP’s Transformation Was A Win For Customers, Culture, And Cost Savings

Angelina Gennis July 18, 2019
External market factors can make business success seem out of your control. But HP Inc. found that even in a difficult market, a well-established business can uncover opportunities for cost-saving efficiencies that also contribute to delighting the customer. Their approach was to create: Alignment on definitions of the customer and the customer’s experience. Governance that […]

CX Execs Rise To Power Across B2C And B2B Industries

Angelina Gennis May 20, 2019
Unprecedented Growth Chief customer officers and chief experience officers were once a small community of visionaries and practitioners pioneering customer experience (CX) across industries. But we’ve seen more than 1,000% growth in the CX executive role in just five years, and in that time, many have turned that new frontier into an established practice and […]

Employee Personas Strengthen Your EX Strategy

Angelina Gennis May 10, 2019
Employee personas help in the experience design process for everything from hiring, onboarding, and training to productivity.