The US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently released FY 2025 President’s Budget. The OMB not only develops and executes budgeting for the executive branch but also manages and oversees federal agency performance, procurement, and IT, among other responsibilities. That means the budget has a major effect on agencies’ ability to commit to their employees and customers.

The budget reveals heavy investments in attracting, developing, supporting, and retaining civil servants. To empower existing talent and attract highly qualified and diverse talent, the OMB created distinct strategies to achieve with defined goals and quantified milestone tracking. This granularity gives public-sector organizations an example approach to address talent and culture needs. The OMB specifically calls out the need for a data-driven culture within HR. Forrester research indicates that HR can be a barrier to employee relationships with an organization. An analyst on Forrester’s Future of Work team can guide you in overcoming cultural barriers and setting similar goals to those of the OMB’s to achieve your own workforce strategies.

The push to support the federal workforce directly enables other notable highlights in the budget, including expanding the pool of customer experience and digital talent and teams, as well as “delivering a high-performance government,” which it describes, in part, as driving a “results-oriented culture.”

Build a results-oriented culture by increasing culture energy, being the right change leader, and driving human centric productivity


Building that results-oriented culture will take many steps and will be different for each agency, but we recommend that leaders consider what culture is, how leaders play a role in leading through change, and learning more about how to increase human-centered productivity. Forrester’s culture energy model, which measures employee perceptions of culture, reveals that customer-facing employees require empathetic and involved leaders to get there.

Want to make an orgwide results-driven culture? Learn about how change leadership can drive customer obsession and how to increase human-centered productivity.