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Prognosen 2024: Gesundheitsorganisationen werden durch das Beschreiten neuer Wege vorankommen

Shannon Germain 9 November 2023
Das Gesundheitswesen wird 2024 sehr dynamisch sein, geprägt von technologischen Innovationen und unkonventionellen Denkweisen zur Erfüllung zahlreicher Gesundheitsbedürfnisse. Erfahren Sie mehr.

Predictions 2024: Healthcare Organizations Will Get Ahead By Forging New Paths

Shannon Germain November 8, 2023
Healthcare in 2024 will be a dynamic space, with tech innovations and nontraditional thinking stepping up to address myriad health needs. Learn more.

What We Learned From Our Interviews On Clinician Workforce Technologies

Shannon Germain September 19, 2023
I am excited to announce new research on clinical workforce technologies. Our interviews with health systems revealed early on the need for a report that highlights the top tech categories and one that looks at tech implementation and clinician adoption. The interviews were so fruitful that we also developed a Clinician Workforce Technology Implementation Checklist. This […]

Healthcare Ranks Eighth Out Of 10 Industries In Future Fitness

Shannon Germain July 13, 2023
Clear differences in business and technology priorities separate modern and future fit HCOs from the rest of the traditional pack.

Starting The Conversation: Plan Right For Acute Care At-Home Programs

Shannon Germain June 23, 2023
With acute home care adoption slowly ticking up, challenges are building. Not the least of these: The model hinges on a coordinated delivery of a complex set of services and uncertain reimbursement under a current waiver that’s up for redetermination in 18 months. Here are three key things that you should do now to plan for a successful acute care at-home program.

Medicaid Unwinding Highlights Key Lessons In Member Engagement

Shannon Germain April 14, 2023
Medicaid redetermination has kicked off, bringing the challenges of member engagement broadly into the spotlight. This blog offers three key ways that insurers can improve member engagement.

New Research: Filter The Fanfare Of Clinician Workforce Technologies

Shannon Germain April 6, 2023
Learn which cutting-edge technologies actually have an impact on workforce productivity.

Your Clinician Experience Will Steer Quality Care And Outcomes

Shannon Germain April 20, 2022
I recently joined Forrester as a senior analyst supporting the healthcare vertical, building on my experience as a nurse and healthcare product architect. To learn more about my background, check out my full bio here. From an early age, it was apparent to me that my passion lies in providing care for patients. When I […]