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Unknown Equals Unused: Fix Findability To Increase Content Usage

Kathleen Pierce November 30, 2021
Buyers and sellers alike want immediate, relevant content, but often miss valuable but non-standard content that could advance the sale. Marketing and sales enablement can increase content usage by making sure file names convey unique value.

How Regional Marketing Can Solve The Top Five B2B Global-Local Content Collaboration Challenges

Kathleen Pierce May 6, 2021
Regional marketing can change the dynamic by understanding what global marketing needs from them and making some simple changes in the way they work and communicate.

From Monolithic To Modular: Kicking Your Sales Content Engine Into High Gear

Kathleen Pierce April 26, 2021
To deliver relevant experiences for each buying situation, B2B organizations need modular sales content. At B2B Summit, learn how high-performing organizations use sales content solutions to achieve this.

Frustrated With Findability? Tagging Content Takes Teamwork

Kathleen Pierce January 13, 2021
Best-in-class organizations pair SMEs with content operations to optimize all aspects of content performance at scale.

Why Marketing Should Build Better Buyer Enablement Content

Kathleen Pierce September 29, 2020
B2B companies can gain a competitive advantage during the buyer’s journey by providing business-case tools to the buying group

Why Choosing a Localization Vendor Is Like Dating

Kathleen Pierce September 3, 2020
For global companies, reputation in the regions requires a great localization vendor, but it can be hard to find the right match. Kathleen Pierce explains why past performance is no guarantee of future success, and how to identify the right partner for your needs.