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Marketing Efficacy And Operations Hinge On Marketing Resource Management

Jessica Liu August 8, 2022
Today’s marketers face an existential crisis of looming irrelevance. To combat this, companies must follow the model for modern marketing: customer understanding informs brand strategy, which leads to brand experience. To adeptly support brand strategy, marketers must make marketing operations more efficient, streamlined, and cost effective, especially among pandemic-induced decentralized workforces. Proactivity is paramount for […]

Gaining Alignment on Martech Decisions

Katie Linford June 15, 2020
When I get in that spring cleaning mode, I take a look around my house and see the glorious vision of what it will be when I’m done: neat, balanced, and with all the right things exactly where they should be. No matter how many times I go through this process, I always deliberate what […]