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Marketing Operations Must Rationalize Revenue Technology To Achieve Customer Experience Goals

Simon Daniels March 17, 2023
Marketing operations must rationalize revenue technology by removing point solutions to both reduce costs and achieve customer experience goals.

How Do You Know If Your Martech Is Working For You?

Katie Linford January 10, 2023
Do you know if your martech stack is actually working for you? From assessing current tech investments to considering new solutions to enhance your martech stack, ensuring maximum return on marketing technology spend can be challenging.

Gaining Alignment On Martech Decisions

Katie Linford December 21, 2022
Regularly evaluating your martech stack helps ensure that your technology continues to provide value and supports business objectives. Ask five key questions to help bring clarity to your decision-making.

Marketing Efficacy And Operations Hinge On Marketing Resource Management

Jessica Liu August 8, 2022
Today’s marketers face an existential crisis of looming irrelevance. To combat this, companies must follow the model for modern marketing: customer understanding informs brand strategy, which leads to brand experience. To adeptly support brand strategy, marketers must make marketing operations more efficient, streamlined, and cost effective, especially among pandemic-induced decentralized workforces. Proactivity is paramount for […]