B2B revenue teams struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving business landscape, and the role that technology plays in driving success continues to grow. Customers’ demands for great digital engagement across the customer lifecycle are continually outpacing our ability to deliver. So should we go buy the latest tools to ensure that we’ve got a cutting-edge tech stack that can provide our audiences with the coolest new features? Not if you want to grow revenue and get more value out of your tech investments.

While technology can revolutionize business processes and drive growth, organizations that only focus on acquiring new tools often miss the mark. As a result, both businesses and their clients are left wanting more. You may be saying to yourself, “But, Katie, we don’t do that. You won’t find any technology ‘shiny object syndrome’ at our company! We focus on criteria like reducing redundancies, being more agile, and optimizing our processes when we select and implement our tech.” And I would say back to you, “Those are all good things, and they should be considered when purchasing technology. They will very likely make you more efficient. But do you know if they will make you more effective in helping your customers realize value?” If your tech decisions make you better/faster/stronger but you’re pointed in the wrong direction (i.e., away from the customer’s needs), you’ve likely sped up getting to lower customer satisfaction, reduced customer retention, and, ultimately, a decline in revenue.

So what’s the solution? If you want to boost your growth, it’s time to make customer obsession the foundation of your tech strategy. This approach is all about first understanding and addressing your customers’ unique needs by leveraging technology to deliver unparalleled value and experiences. Instead of just collecting tools, customer-obsessed organizations use technology to fuel customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to sustainable growth.

That’s what my upcoming B2B Summit North America session, “Designing For Growth: The Blueprint Of A Customer-Obsessed Technology Strategy,” is all about. I’ll review the three key pillars of a strong customer-obsessed technology strategy and how embracing these principles can transform your tech strategy into a powerful engine that drives customer-centric growth.

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