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Keys To Succeeding As A Chief Sustainability Officer

Michael Barnes April 21, 2023
Urgency isn’t enough to drive climate action and improve environmental sustainability practices. Learn several key insights from successful chief sustainability officers.

Meet The Winners Of The Inaugural Customer Obsession Awards

Dane Anderson April 17, 2023
We’re elated to announce the winners of the inaugural Customer Obsession Awards. Meet the Enterprise and Leadership Award winners.

Large Asia Pacific Firms Are Ramping Up Sustainability Action — But Need To Move Faster

Michael Barnes January 24, 2023
A growing number of large firms in APAC are rethinking their supply chains, product and service design and development, and branding. But the pace of change needs to accelerate.

2022, Year In Research — A Look Back

Michael Barnes January 16, 2023
So 2022 is officially done and dusted, for better or worse. But before getting too far into 2023, let’s take a moment to look back at what we achieved over the previous year. More specifically, I wanted to share some thoughts from our research associate, Aidan Riga, since he did such an outstanding job supporting […]

The Green Market Revolution Will Totally Transform How We Make Things

Michael Barnes October 18, 2022
The green market is not just about risk or renewable energy. Decarbonization will impact everything we do, including how we make things. Learn how new materials, techniques, and mindsets will drive positive climate action.

Embolden Your Sustainability Program With A Bias To Action

Michael Barnes April 20, 2022
The timing for this year’s Earth Day couldn’t be better. As countries across the world celebrate, the urgency for firms to act has reached a fever pitch. As noted by National Geographic on April 5, when citing findings from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “unless global greenhouse gas emissions peak no later […]

The State Of Sustainability In Asia Pacific: Regional Inconsistencies Hinder Real Progress

Michael Barnes October 26, 2021
COVID-19 has put far greater emphasis on sustainability as a corporate social responsibility and business resiliency as a board-level priority. Globally, most firms now acknowledge the need to undertake climate action and improve their environmental sustainability performance. But APAC firms are still very far apart in terms of what practices to implement and how aggressively […]

Predictions 2022: Trust And Values Take Center Stage In The APAC Region

Michael Barnes October 25, 2021


The Tech Council Of Australia Brings The Digital Generation To The Policy Forefront

Michael Barnes August 18, 2021
Technology is central to nearly every aspect of our lives — even more so in the post-COVID world we’re all stumbling towards. For individuals, it’s the key to maintaining connections with family and friends. For employees, it’s the basis for communication, collaboration, and productivity. For many organizations, it’s currently the only way to engage with […]

COVID-19 Accelerated Your Digital Momentum — Don’t Slow Down Now

Michael Barnes March 1, 2021
Digital leaders may never have a better chance to drive lasting business transformation and instill a digital-first culture than they do right now. Learn why.

How Australian Employees Feel About COVID-19: Forrester’s PandemicEX Survey

Michael Barnes April 7, 2020
80% of Australians think that the coronavirus pandemic will affect their work life. Read more findings from our #pandemicEX survey of Australian workers.

Sydney Predictions 2020: The Highlight Reel

Michael Barnes November 17, 2019
Forrester’s analysts serving the Australia and New Zealand market presented their 2020 predictions at a client event on November 14th. We recap some of our top predictions.

The Forrester Wave™: Salesforce Implementation Partners In Asia Pacific, Q2 2019 Identifies The 10 Most Important Providers

Michael Barnes August 29, 2019
Get the most out of your organization’s Salesforce implementation by selecting the right partner. In our recent Forrester Wave™ evaluation, we identified the 10 providers that matter most and how they stack up. Watch below to learn more, and find the full Wave report here.

CX Sydney 2019: What To Expect From Outgoing World Vision CMO Teresa Sperti

Michael Barnes April 23, 2019
Customer experience (CX) leaders have successfully elevated and transformed the practice of CX over the past decade, but what’s next? This year’s CX Sydney 2019 Forum will focus on how to drive real, disruptive innovation. I recently caught up with one of our keynote speakers — Teresa Sperti, the outgoing chief marketing, data, and product […]

Countdown To Forrester’s CX Sydney 2019 Forum

Michael Barnes March 5, 2019
Change The Game By Embracing Radical CX Innovation OK, so you’ve elevated and transformed your customer experience (CX) practices over the past five (or more) years. These practices have become more professional, more analytical, and more focused on business impact. But there’s one area where many of us still fall short: innovation. I’m not talking […]

How Digital And CX Teams Collaborate To Deliver On Brand Promise

Michael Barnes February 6, 2019
Take Practical Steps To Apply CX Disciplines To Digital Initiatives Odds are your firm is regularly seeking ways to improve customer experience (CX). You’re also likely embracing digital technologies to enable a more customer-driven, agile operating model. The question is: Are these initiatives aligned? In other words, are you confident in your firm’s ability to […]

Evaluating Digital Experience Agencies In Asia Pacific — Providers Have Deep But Diverse Capabilities

Michael Barnes November 28, 2018
Firms across Asia Pacific are actively leveraging digital experience (DX) agencies to design, build, and manage digital customer experiences (CX). But to fully access these benefits, you need to carefully select from a diverse set of providers that vary by size, functionality, geography, and industry focus. Your options include agencies, consultancies, and tech providers that […]

Forrester’s CX Sydney Forum 2018: Are You Ready To Be Your Firm’s Engine Of Growth?

Michael Barnes March 26, 2018
Believe it or not, it’s that time again: Less than seven weeks until our next CX Forum in Sydney, on May 10. Are you and your team ready? Deep customer understanding — even customer obsession — is now the defining posture of many CX leaders and teams. Successful brands regularly leverage this understanding to deliver […]

Ready To Get Serious About Customer Obsession? Start By Benchmarking Against Peers

Michael Barnes November 21, 2017
  Firms everywhere are struggling to translate a ‘customer first’ vision into an actionable customer obsessed strategy. Local firms are no exception. As the marketing director for an Australian manufacturer told us: “Translating the rhetoric of ‘customer-first’ into meaningful action and overcoming legacy attitudes remains hugely challenging.” In a recent report, which Forrester clients can […]

CX Sydney Forum 2017: Guest Q&A With Australia Post’s Christine Corbett

Michael Barnes April 4, 2017
Successful business leaders drive their organizations to create experiences that continually meet or exceed customer expectations. At our CX Forum in Sydney on May 9, Forrester thought leaders and a world-class roster of industry innovators will come together to explore the current and emerging best practices for the design and delivery of exceptional customer experiences […]
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