Change The Game By Embracing Radical CX Innovation

OK, so you’ve elevated and transformed your customer experience (CX) practices over the past five (or more) years. These practices have become more professional, more analytical, and more focused on business impact. But there’s one area where many of us still fall short: innovation.

I’m not talking about incremental improvement or copying the approaches of brands known for delivering great CX. I’m talking about truly disruptive innovation that leverages the latest technologies (like AI) as well as quantitative techniques (like behavioral economics) and qualitative research (like ethnographics).

The next standards of CX will emerge from this sweet spot at the intersection of insight and innovation.

Join us on May 9 at our next CX Forum in Sydney. At CX Sydney 2019, learn the keys to becoming a CX innovator:

  • Identify and prioritize the initiatives with the biggest impact on CX quality and better link those initiatives to financial outcomes.
  • Apply lessons learned from nimble startups achieving radical results at scale.
  • Turn unhappy customers into advocates — transforming CX through complaint handling.
  • Engage your CIO to ensure that your firm can effectively and consistently act on CX insights.

Our program for 2019 focuses heavily on how-to guidance and best practices. In addition to our world-class team of Asia Pacific and global analysts, confirmed speakers this year include: Jacqui Lennon, head of CX and product, Allianz Australia; Teresa Sperti, chief marketing, data, and product officer, World Vision; Lisa Pogonoski, general manager, customer resolution, Westpac; Mark Baartse, chief marketing officer, Showpo; Kelly Ralston, chief client officer, Austrade; Dave Watson, general manager, customer experience, systems, and innovation, McGrath Real Estate; and more to be announced soon.

Hope to see you on May 9. If you haven’t already done so, you can register here.