So 2022 is officially done and dusted, for better or worse. But before getting too far into 2023, let’s take a moment to look back at what we achieved over the previous year. More specifically, I wanted to share some thoughts from our research associate, Aidan Riga, since he did such an outstanding job supporting the team in creating all this amazing content.

Why these specific reports? All provide insight and guidance to help organizations embrace a more human-centered technology strategy as part of a broader focus on customer obsession. In no particular order, the following five reports from 2022 all stood out:

  • The State Of Trust In Australia In 2022. This multi-author report is packed with insights from Australian consumers. What did we learn? Australians believe that climate change is the number one issue that brands should be taking a stand on. But take note, brands: Climate action must be real, not performative. We also learned that Australian consumers trust their bank far more than they trust the government, reflecting the effect that social and economic issues we faced in 2021 and 2022 have had on our perceptions of different organizations and industries. This research wasn’t limited to Australia, with Forrester also providing insights into the state of trust in Singapore and the United States.
  • The Future Of Security Awareness And Training. Far too many organizations still view security awareness and training as an afterthought, a box to tick to prove that they’ve done their annual security training. In this research (along with our related toolkit: Forrester’s Guide To Security Awareness And Training Regulations And Standards), Jinan Budge cut through the complexity and stagnation in this market to provide insights into how organizations can disrupt the status quo. Our findings? The future of security awareness and training is adaptive human protection — recognizing the importance of the human element to security and using that knowledge to drive behavioral and cultural change within the organization.
  • The State Of Green Finance Products And Experiences In 2022. In 2022, Forrester rolled out its green market revolution research theme. This report was one of the first published under that theme, providing business leaders insight into the landscape of green finance products and experiences. Zhi-Ying Barry analyzed the markets for green bonds and loans, venture capital and private equity for green tech, and IPOs and green acquisitions. Her research determined that in 2021, the green finance market exceeded US$720 billion and is continuing to grow as consumers, businesses, and governments place greater focus and accountability on environmental sustainability.
  • Australia Customer Experience Index rankings for superannuation, banking, and government. Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) research offers insight into the perceptions of Australians when it comes to the customer experience performance of top institutions and agencies in the country. In this research, Riccardo Pasto found that customer experience took a hit across all three sectors from 2021 to 2022, largely because of the lockdowns in Australia and the real-world effect this had on consumers’ perceptions. The key takeaway? Organizations must transform the way in which they interact with their customers, particularly as hybrid channels consistently outperform physical-only and digital-only channels.
  • Key Priorities For APAC Marketing Leaders In 2022. This report identifies and analyzes the top opportunities and challenges facing B2B marketing leaders in APAC. The research aligns directly to the broader challenge of being customer-obsessed, advising marketing leaders to address country-specific needs and provide the supporting technology, processes, and people necessary to drive growth. More personally, this report holds a special place in my heart since it was the first report I worked on as a research associate and gave me the chance to collaborate with Daryl Wright and Mavis Liew.

This was just a snapshot of the amazing research the Australian team published throughout 2022. As good as these past 12 months have been, 2023 is shaping up to be an even better year for our team, so stay tuned!

(written with Aidan Riga, research associate at Forrester)