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Five Ways That B2C CMOs Can Navigate The 2023 Downturn

Mike Proulx 3 days ago


Twitter Blue Is Still Singing A Sad Tune

Mike Proulx November 10, 2022
Twitter's blue checkmark no longer signals legitimacy. That underscores our guidance to marketers to take a wait-and-see approach to media investments on Twitter.

Advertisers Pause In Twitter Purgatory

Mike Proulx November 4, 2022
When Twitter first announced its intent (back in April) to be acquired by Elon Musk, Forrester said that disinformation and hate speech are ultimately at stake — and that ad dollars are at risk. In the days following last Friday’s closing of the deal, GM paused its paid advertising on Twitter. Soon after, IPG’s Mediabrands […]

Meta Is Losing Itself In The Metaverse

Mike Proulx October 27, 2022
Toward the end of Meta’s Q3 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg made an impassioned appeal to investors: “[It] would be a mistake for us to not focus on any of these areas [of the metaverse], which I think are going to be fundamentally important to the future […] People are going to look back on decades […]

Predictions 2023: Facing Economic Headwinds, The Media Industry Will Consolidate

Kelsey Chickering October 27, 2022
CMOs will face mounting pressure to demonstrate ROI, pushing media companies to innovate and consolidate in order to protect their share. Read our media predictions for 2023.

Predictions 2023: Market Volatility Forces B2C CMOs To Play It Safe

Mike Proulx October 25, 2022


Prévisions 2023 : Metavers & NFT

J.P. Gownder 25 Octobre 2022
Découvrez les tendances pour 2023 du metaverse et Web3 identifiées par nos experts analystes. En savoir plus.

Predictions 2023: A Metaverse + NFT Winter Will Cool Market Hype

J.P. Gownder October 25, 2022


Netflix Remains On Defense In The Streaming Wars

Mike Proulx October 18, 2022
After two consecutive quarters of user decline (the first in almost a decade), Netflix saw 2.4 million paid net adds in Q3 (almost two and a half times more than its forecast). The company is at a precarious moment in time. While Netflix’s Q3 results create cautious optimism for future growth, the once market disruptor […]

Meta’s Short-Form Video Strategy Isn’t Reeling In Market Share

Mike Proulx September 6, 2022
The company's TikTok alternative simply isn't winning, new Forrester data indicates.

Debating The Metaverse At Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Event

Mike Proulx August 24, 2022


Recession Fears Transcend The US Culture War

Mike Proulx August 4, 2022
Recent Forrester survey data shows universal pessimism towards the outlook of the US economy — regardless of one’s politics.

Despite The Hype, Most Consumers Still Don’t Know About The Metaverse

Mike Proulx August 2, 2022
Fewer than one-quarter of US survey respondents are familiar with the metaverse — and even early tech adopters aren't sure what exactly it is. Explore these and other findings from our recent survey.

New Data: Ads On Netflix And Disney+ Will Pay Off

Mike Proulx June 14, 2022
For both companies, the addition of ads will bring in new revenue from eager advertisers and boost subscriber revenue from price-conscious consumers.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Has Become Part Of The US Culture War

Mike Proulx May 31, 2022
We’re still several months away from the anticipated close date of Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition — whether it’s on again or off again depends on the day. A lot has happened in just the five weeks since the deal was announced, and we anticipate more will happen between now and October. But rest assured: We […]

Answer Four Questions Before Your Brand Jumps On The Metaverse Bandwagon

Mike Proulx May 25, 2022


Top Five Most Critical CMO Priorities For B2C Brands

Mike Proulx May 11, 2022
Fresh data from Forrester’s Q2 B2C Marketing CMO Pulse Survey, 2022, reveals the top five most critical CMO priorities for B2C brands. Learn more.

As The Abortion Debate Ramps Up, Companies Must Support The Diverse Needs Of Their Employees And Customers

Katy Tynan May 10, 2022
The Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has intensified calls for brands to respond to the abortion debate. But your primary focus should be on your employees and your customers.

Twitter: Elon’s Battle Over Free Speech Is A Fight Against Content Moderation

Mike Proulx April 25, 2022
What will actually happen to Twitter if Musk takes over is mere speculation at best. But we do know that users are polarized.

Les Consommateurs Veulent Que Les Entreprises Se Retirent De La Russie

Mike Proulx 31 Mars 2022
Forrester continue de couvrir la tendance croissante des marques à entrer en collision avec la politique. Nous avions même prédit qu’en 2022, 10 grandes marques interviendront où les gouvernements sont impuissants. Mais la situation ukrainienne ne ressemble pas aux autres problèmes (passés ou présents) pour lesquels les entreprises ont pris des mesures. Il n’est plus […]
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