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Empowering Banks With Digital Cash Management Platforms

Pushpa Marwal July 26, 2023
Businesses across the globe are dealing with a fast-paced digital world, rising customer expectations, and economic uncertainties. In such an environment, it is imperative that they manage their cash flows well to finance their growth ambitions and mitigate financial risks. Corporations source these cash management services from their corporate banking partners. Banks, on the other […]

India’s Budget For 2023: What It Means For Financial Services And Fintech Firms

Pushpa Marwal March 2, 2023
I looked at the 2023 budget that India’s Finance Minister presented on February 1, 2023. On that day, India’s Prime Minister tweeted, “This year’s budget infuses new energy to India’s development trajectory.” I find that he was not far off the mark. The budget for 2023 does aspire to create an empowered, inclusive, technology-driven, and […]

Central Bank Digital Currency In India: The New Money Is Here

Pushpa Marwal February 9, 2023
India's government has announced the introduction of a long-awaited digital currency. Learn more about it and what the implications could be.

Automation Opportunities Abound In Corporate Banking

Pushpa Marwal February 9, 2023
It’s no secret that in today’s business climate, corporate banks are feeling the squeeze. They struggle with an installed base of pre-modern applications and archaic processes. Now is the time when corporate banks change the way they serve clients. They must start employing a mix of digital and human-enabled services that will enrich the client […]

Will The UPI Credit Card Hookup Be A Game-Changer?

Pushpa Marwal September 12, 2022
UPI is now India’s de facto method for online payments. The exponential increase in transaction value, from ₹3.8 million in July 2016 to ₹10.63 trillion in July 2022, reflects this. Indians love UPI — no bank details needed; just a mobile phone number is enough! It is simple, quick, and safe to use. I love […]

The Ever-Expanding Reach Of India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

Pushpa Marwal August 10, 2022
India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) continues to grow at a breakneck pace. As per a recent news article, this year’s transaction volume and value have virtually doubled compared to the previous year, rising 99% in volume and 90% in value. In some ways, UPI has transformed India’s digital economy and has accelerated the country’s transition […]

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) For Feature Phone Users — A Step Toward Financial Inclusion

Pushpa Marwal July 31, 2022
UPI is a leader in India’s digital retail payments, processing record-breaking transactions worth INR 10 trillion in May this year. In this era of instant gratification, payment happens in real time with smartphone apps. However, until recently, this was not the case for feature phone users. They may be able to surf the web and […]

A Great Mobile Banking App Is Customer-First

Pushpa Marwal July 25, 2022
Mobile banking applications have become the digital hub of the customer experience. They are an absolute necessity for the customers and a preferred destination to exchange value between clients and banks. Forrester data shows that 77% of metro Indian online adults have done their banking on a mobile banking app on their smartphone in the […]

Have The Most Remarkable Corporate Banking? Let’s Talk

Pushpa Marwal June 15, 2022
The digital transformation of retail banking has been ongoing for the last few years. Banks have transformed retail banking to offer enhanced digital experiences, digitize operations, build digital ecosystems, and drive digital innovation. Now, the same digital urgency is reaching corporate banking. I’m excited, as I am kicking off new research that’s focused on corporate […]

Reserve Bank Of India’s Auto-Debit Rule, A Mandated Trouble For Banks — How Can They Get Around It?

Pushpa Marwal December 1, 2021
In India, the subscription business with recurring payments was gaining traction due to its all-in-one bundled offering — convenience, choice, and consent — until a major change in the auto-debit option took effect on October 1, when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a framework for how businesses and banks must handle recurring credit […]