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Have The Most Remarkable Corporate Banking? Let’s Talk

Pushpa Marwal June 15, 2022
The digital transformation of retail banking has been ongoing for the last few years. Banks have transformed retail banking to offer enhanced digital experiences, digitize operations, build digital ecosystems, and drive digital innovation. Now, the same digital urgency is reaching corporate banking. I’m excited, as I am kicking off new research that’s focused on corporate […]

Reserve Bank Of India’s Auto-Debit Rule, A Mandated Trouble For Banks — How Can They Get Around It?

Pushpa Marwal December 1, 2021
In India, the subscription business with recurring payments was gaining traction due to its all-in-one bundled offering — convenience, choice, and consent — until a major change in the auto-debit option took effect on October 1, when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a framework for how businesses and banks must handle recurring credit […]