The digital transformation of retail banking has been ongoing for the last few years. Banks have transformed retail banking to offer enhanced digital experiences, digitize operations, build digital ecosystems, and drive digital innovation. Now, the same digital urgency is reaching corporate banking.

I’m excited, as I am kicking off new research that’s focused on corporate banking: products, challenges, and automation possibilities. Some banks have embraced automation as a basic component of their digital investments in cash management, liquidity management, and treasury services, among other functions. Automation in corporate finance is not a new topic but a prime and pertinent topic that seems to get more eyeballs every passing day.

What’s your take? Do you have the most sophisticated and automated corporate banking services? Have you automated or introduced any of your corporate banking services recently? If so, I’d like to hear from you for my report, which is an in-depth case study about your future fit technology strategy, including where and why you’ve implemented it. It’s an opportunity to share lessons learned — if you prefer — with your peers as they take on the transformation of IT infrastructure. Let’s talk.