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Crucial Intel: Customer Obsession Matters

Sam Karpinski December 1, 2022
This blog was written in collaboration with Anna Synakh. Intel, a tech giant with over 121,000 employees, sets an example for organizations that are considering becoming more customer obsessed. Despite its size and complexity, Intel has made big strides in all three customer obsession competencies: leadership, strategy, and operations. In our new report, Case Study: […]

Improving CX By 1 Point Can Drive More Than 1 Billion Dollars In Revenue (2022)

Maxie Schmidt November 7, 2022
Our New Report, How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2022, Puts A $-Value On Improving CX By 1 Point. Many customer experience (CX) leaders find it hard to make the case for investing in CX. That’s why Forrester built industry-specific models that demonstrate how CX improvements drive business growth through increased customer loyalty. Read our […]

Why Customers Say They’ll Recommend You And Also Say They Won’t Buy From You Again

Michelle Yaiser November 10, 2021
Customers seem to contradict themselves when they say that they don’t intend to stay with a brand but will buy more from and/or recommend the brand. This blog post discusses what's behind this customer loyalty pattern and how should brands respond.

To Win Customer Loyalty, Make Customers Feel Valued, Appreciated, And Respected

Michelle Yaiser November 3, 2021
Each year, we find that emotion has a bigger impact on customer loyalty than effectiveness or ease. This blog post discusses the emotions that have the biggest impact.

CX Predictions 2022: The Year Of The Grand Pivot

Judy Weader October 27, 2021


Be An Authentic Ally To Earn The Right To Wear The Rainbow

Judy Weader June 1, 2021
June: a time when flowers bloom, kids count the days until summer vacation, and businesses everywhere turn their logos into little Pride flags. “Rainbow capitalism” is becoming more common, but as it spreads wider, it becomes more obvious when a firm’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community barely runs skin deep. In 2019, LGBTQ+ groups pushed […]

Give More Thought To Giving Tuesday

Rick Parrish October 30, 2020
These days, many companies are trying to express moral, social, or political values that resonate with values-based consumers. Giving Tuesday (which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving) presents an opportunity for companies to do just that, so a growing number of brands participate. However, companies’ participation in Giving Tuesday will resonate with the market […]