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Earth Day 2024: Back To Square One For Sustainability Maturity

Amy DeMartine April 19, 2024
A lot has changed in the regulatory landscape since we introduced Forrester’s Sustainability Maturity Model three years ago. For Earth Day 2024, we’ve updated the model. Read this post to learn about the major changes to the model and how it can help your organization reassess your sustainability maturity.

Are You Ready? The SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosures Have Dropped.

Amy DeMartine March 7, 2024
The long-awaited climate-related disclosures ruling from the SEC is finally here. Learn what business and tech leaders need to do to comply.

Earth Day 2023: The Green Market Revolution Spins Up

Amy DeMartine April 21, 2023
Climate change is accelerating, but initiatives to slow the change are having an impact. Learn three ways that the green market revolution is already gaining ground faster than expected.

Calling Business Resilience Pros: Our Latest State Of Business Continuity Survey Is Live!

Amy DeMartine November 8, 2022
Each year, Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) team up to launch a study examining the state of business resiliency. We alternate between two resilience domains each year: IT disaster recovery and business continuity. This is the year of business continuity! The last joint survey we did was right in the middle of […]

How To Set A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target That Means Something

Amy DeMartine November 7, 2022
Learn some of the common shortfalls of corporate emissions reduction targets and how you can craft a greenhouse gas target that withstands stakeholder scrutiny.

Introducing The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine October 18, 2022
The green market revolution gives businesses an historic opportunity for new environmentally sustainable products and services for everything. Learn more in this blog post.

The US Is Spending Nearly Half Of A Trillion Dollars On Climate And Infrastructure, Seeding The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine August 15, 2022
Forrester’s research team reviews the major business implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Earth Day 2022: Questionable Momentum With A Side Order Of Panic

Amy DeMartine April 21, 2022
We should be taking confident and courageous strides toward creating future-generation-safe companies through purposeful actions such as reducing carbon through efficient and clean energy usage, minimizing water usage, expanding the use of sustainable raw materials, and increasing recyclable packaging while decreasing packaging altogether. These actions would support the overall theme this year of “Invest In […]

Every Firm Must Move To Be Future-Generation-Safe

Amy DeMartine October 25, 2021
Forrester has long promoted sustainability practices and believes that firms must move to be future-generation-safe. Discover why and how.

Qu’Est-Ce Que La Stratégie De Développement Durable D’une Entreprise

Amy DeMartine 22 Avril 2021
La Journée de la Terre est différente cette année parce que les risques climatiques croissants et les demandes d'action climatique transforment la planète et décarbonisent l'économie.

What’s Your Sustainability Strategy?

Amy DeMartine April 22, 2021
Just over a year after the global pandemic began, Earth Day is upon us again. The reason this year feels different is because it is. Empowered consumers demand sustainability transformation, and a record number of brands have responded in a big way by announcing net-zero or carbon-neutral commitments, establishing targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions […]

Respond To The Unknown With Competitive Advantage, Not Panic

Amy DeMartine April 7, 2021
Jump scares are those crazy moments in films, video games, horror films, or haunted attractions that are usually preceded by a quiet moment and have you involuntarily jumping. You are responding to a rush of adrenaline. Here’s an unexpected one in the movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” where scary […]

The Security Snapshot: Are You “More” Normal?

Amy DeMartine November 9, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic unequivocally changed how employers think the workforce could and should look like. As firms have been growing more acclimated to the “new normal,” insider threats, breaches, and employee unrest are on the rise. You need to know which security vendors fit your needs and which strategies to take. As we head into month […]

Calling Business Resilience Pros!

Amy DeMartine October 22, 2020
Each year, Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal team up to launch a study examining the state of business resiliency. We focus on a different, rotating resiliency domain each year: IT disaster recovery, business continuity, or overall enterprise risk management. As is fitting for 2020, this is the year of business continuity! In this […]

Decade Retrospective: Cybersecurity From 2010 To 2019

Jeff Pollard December 17, 2019
From the Intel-McAfee deal to the Sony Pictures breach, VP and Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard reviews the past decade’s cybersecurity highlights and lowlights.

The Security Snapshot: Renew Your Security Program This Season

Amy DeMartine October 21, 2019
“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” Fall is officially upon us. Leaves are piling up in our yards, and there is a chill in the air. As everyone digs their sweaters and jackets out of the back of their wardrobes, think about […]

Top Security Technology Trends In 2019: Transforming The Future Of Work In Security

Amy DeMartine August 7, 2019
Walk the show floor at any security event, and you will be inundated with a multitude of purportedly cutting-edge and disruptive security technologies. When every vendor claims that their solution is unique, and that no security program would be complete without it, how do you cut through the noise to pinpoint what you must pay […]

TBT: The Top 10 Executive Responses From “Hackers Versus Executives”

Amy DeMartine December 14, 2018
Each year at our Privacy & Security Forums, we run a session called “Hackers Versus Executives.” In this session, we ask a hacker to cause mayhem and then stop at different points in the attack to ask executives what their responses are. This year, we attacked applications, including containerized and serverless applications. Two months ago, […]

Predictions 2019: Cybersecurity Faces Old Familiar Foes, Costly New Attacks, And Welcome Leadership Changes

Amy DeMartine November 5, 2018
Next year, the biggest challenges to the cybersecurity industry will come from outside forces. In 2019, geopolitical trends will reintroduce old enemies and escalate issues of cyberespionage and sabotage. As criminals follow the money — as they are wont to do — they will use emerging technologies to go after commerce in a BIG way. […]

Is Your Online Holiday Traffic Naughty Or Nice?

Amy DeMartine October 31, 2018
This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2018 retail series. By now, you have laid out plans for your holiday sales season in hopes of exceeding customer expectations and sales targets. This includes updates to your websites and mobile apps, reward programs for your loyal customers, and adjustments to ads and sale prices as the […]
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