Are you ahead of the cloud curve or falling behind your peers?

We are definitely in the hypergrowth phase of cloud computing, and 2015 will be a critical year: spending will jump, platforms will mature and consolidate, and cloud will enter the formal IT portfolio, whether IT likes it or not. Where are you on your journey to cloud?

Check out our Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption report, published by my colleague Sophia Vargas and me a few weeks ago. Inside, you'll find selected data from Forrester's Business Technographics surveys that shine light on:

  • The rate of growth for the public cloud market;
  • Where cloud is on enterprise CIO priority lists;
  • How much spending is shifting to cloud, and for which workloads;
  • Which cloud types – public, private, hosted private – are preferred by which buyers;
  • The rate of SaaS solution uptake;
  • What's keeping cloud adopters awake at night – their biggest concerns; and
  • How your peers plan to manage their expanding cloud portfolios.

Are you on track, falling behind, or blazing new trails to the cloud? Our Benchmark report will show you where your peers are today and prepare you for 2015.