Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Are An Architect’s Ally

Enterprise architecture management suites (EAMSes) are fundamental to running a successful architecture practice. EAMS tools are being used to help architecture teams manage architecture risk, reduce cost, and support organizations in proactively managing their technical debt. AI use cases are flourishing in this market, freeing up architects’ time to allow them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Enterprise Architecture Is Being Disrupted by AI

Generative AI is fundamentally challenging most technology businesses, and the EAMS space is no different. The below graphic summarizes where the market is today:


  • Architects still struggle with demonstrating value to their stakeholders. Judging from our research, tech professionals still struggle to see the value that their enterprise architecture (EA) functions provide. EAMS vendors are conscious of this challenge and are working on features that demonstrate how their impact on architecture is valuable. For example, EAMS vendors are working on automation that allows the assembly of various EA artifacts for stakeholders.
  • Generative AI is supporting architects in generating artifacts more efficiently. Generative AI has been introduced as a common feature in the EAMS space. Architects no longer have to dig around the EA repository to make updates. AI assistants are helping architects: 1) update business capability and application descriptions; 2) check technical components’ completeness; and 3) understand architecture lifecycle updates, all in natural language.
  • Vendors are at differing levels of maturity in showing how AI can transform their offering. All EAMS vendors have developed the most common use cases with AI applicable to EA, mainly focused on summarizing artifacts (e.g., creating a summary of an architecture diagram). Features such as using AI to update EA repository data, proactive notifications using smart agents, conducting roadmap analysis, and performing capacity modeling are still in EAMS vendor roadmaps.

The Forrester Wave™ covering EAMSes, set to publish in Q4 2024, will evaluate the major providers in this space. If you’re ready to take your enterprise architecture practice to the next level, it’s time to explore the world of EAMSes. Forrester clients can view the report here to help create their shortlist of vendors. Forrester clients can also book a guidance session or inquiry with me to discuss the EAMS market further.