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Altitude 2022 Presenters Tell Developers To Embrace A “Location-Less Future”

Devin Dickerson November 16, 2022
I recently attended Altitude 2022 in New York City, which featured many compelling presentations and user stories showcasing the latest happenings at the edge. Along with fascinating use cases such as CNN’s election coverage technology, IKEA’s implementation for large-scale e-commerce, and Paramount’s creative use of edge computing to tackle piracy, I emerged from the event […]

Cloud-Native Development Leaders Must Embrace Serverless Approaches

Devin Dickerson August 3, 2022
Serverless approaches are an emerging but rapidly maturing paradigm for organizations looking to deliver modernized applications while minimizing operational friction and overhead. With markets tightening across the globe and an increasingly competitive environment for tech talent, serverless is an excellent fit for organizations that want to focus on writing code for the business and to […]

Google Public Sector Is A Move To Amplify Industry-Specific Credentials

Devin Dickerson July 13, 2022
On June 28, Google unveiled plans for a new Public Sector subsidiary aimed at helping US public institutions, such as state, local, and educational institutions, drive digital transformations into the cloud. The company also has US federal ambitions by partnering with the Defense Innovation Unit, the US Navy, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). […]

Meet The New Principal Analyst For Cloud-Native Development, Devin Dickerson

Devin Dickerson June 15, 2022
Tell Us About Yourself I’m a native New Orleanian passionate about old-world architecture, gaming, and weight lifting. I love to travel with family, and I keep in touch with the same friends I’ve had since middle school and college. I was always interested in computers and fascinated by the magic of software and games. Still, […]