• Content alignment and use is an ongoing challenge in B2B marketing
  • Portfolio marketing and content teams often work in silos, which exacerbates the problem
  • Effective collaboration requires an understanding of what each team brings to the table, and a willing handshake through key milestones

Bringing an offering to market often feels like a long relay race. From product to marketing to sales, a series of well-coordinated handoffs is required to prepare the organization to launch, sell and succeed. But when is a handoff not enough? Handoffs can create silos, and silos create frustration, as portfolio marketers become disheartened by off-target or off-message content and content strategy teams often feel they don’t have enough information to really target a specific persona. Is joint therapy in order? We think not (although all marketers could probably use a little therapy). Two business executives shaking hands

To develop a content strategy that is insight-driven and audience-centric, the portfolio marketing and content strategy and operations teams need more than processes and handoffs. They need real collaboration, and that’s what Phyllis Davidson and I will be talking about at the 2019 SiriusDecisions Summit during our session, “From Handoff to Handshake: How to Work Together to Build Insight-Driven Content Strategy.”

Building on the theme of this year’s Summit, “Together: Achieving High Performance by Aligning the B2B Revenue Engine,” we have examined the content development lifecycle from the perspective of how portfolio marketing and content strategy can work better together (see what I did there?). Phyllis and I will share the key milestone points at which portfolio marketing and content strategy teams should be sitting down to share their expertise in an iterative and collaborative way that ensures a comprehensive plan that delivers content that works. This means a series of handshakes, as opposed to handoffs.

Please join us – we hope to fill the room with a combination of content and portfolio marketing experts, and while we won’t administer therapy, Phyllis and I promise an approach to collaborative content development that is as therapeutic as it is effective. We look forward to seeing you there!