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MVP: Baseball, Product Development, And B2B Content Strategy

Phyllis Davidson December 6, 2021
Make your minimum viable content your most valuable content by ensuring it addresses your audience needs and helps you score home runs. 

How To Ensure That Your Organization’s TEI Gets The Most Mileage

Casey Sirotnak December 3, 2021
Make sure your TEI is meeting your organization where it’s currently at. The main objectives should be in-line with your organization’s strategy today, not tomorrow.

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Unknown Equals Unused: Fix Findability To Increase Content Usage

Kathleen Pierce November 30, 2021
Buyers and sellers alike want immediate, relevant content, but often miss valuable but non-standard content that could advance the sale. Marketing and sales enablement can increase content usage by making sure file names convey unique value.

What’s Next In B2B Content? Five Important Focus Areas For 2022

Christine Polewarczyk October 7, 2021
Content is the backbone of the buyer's journey and the customer experience. Keep it strong with these five best practices.

The Market Remains Hot As We Kick Off Our Next Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Of The DAM Landscape

Nick Barber September 22, 2021
You should give a DAM about the DAM market and your DAM needs. More than 60% of the users we surveyed already give a DAM. Because of this heat in the market, strong growth, and, most importantly, customer need, we’re kicking off our next Forrester Wave evaluation on digital asset management in October. The volume […]

Pandemic-Induced Collaboration: Adobe’s Billion-Dollar Acquisition

Nick Barber September 2, 2021
The pandemic ripped off the Band-Aid for collaboration. Hybrid and completely remote environments drove businesses to adopt new ways of working. Videoconferencing, virtual events, and collaboration capabilities surged. One by-product is the red-hot acquisition market for these technologies. Most recently, we saw Adobe’s intent to acquire, a company that makes video collaboration software. While […]

Solving The Content Data Dilemma: How To Build B2B Content Measurement Dashboards

Christine Polewarczyk June 23, 2021
Dealing with B2B content data dilemmas? Learn how to build content measurement dashboards to gain better insights.

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What It Takes To Create Audience-Centric B2B Content

What It Means June 3, 2021
Every marketing organization knows its content should be customer-centric. Yet many still struggle to deliver on this aim. On this week’s What It Means episode, VP Phyllis Davidson and Principal Analyst Lisa Gately discuss how B2B marketers can get it right.

How Regional Marketing Can Solve The Top Five B2B Global-Local Content Collaboration Challenges

Kathleen Pierce May 6, 2021
Regional marketing can change the dynamic by understanding what global marketing needs from them and making some simple changes in the way they work and communicate.

The Four-Step B2B Formula For Achieving “Right Audience, Right Content, Right Place, Right Time”

Christine Polewarczyk April 30, 2021
Nearly two-thirds of B2B buyers say vendors give them too much content and that the material is more style than substance. Learn how to break through and make an impact.

Say Goodbye To The Pander-demic

Christine Brozek April 28, 2021
Here's how to create empathetic content that’s actually useful 1) Target an audience 2) Select a goal 3) Forget about your product.

From Monolithic To Modular: Kicking Your Sales Content Engine Into High Gear

Kathleen Pierce April 26, 2021
To deliver relevant experiences for each buying situation, B2B organizations need modular sales content. At B2B Summit, learn how high-performing organizations use sales content solutions to achieve this.

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Activate Your Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study Using The Five W’s And One H

Stephanie Slate March 26, 2021
Use the TEI results to create customer-centric messaging and highlight how you understand their pain points, issues, and struggles — to compel prospects to take action.

Get The Content You Need From Global Campaigns

Lisa Gately March 16, 2021
Building a global campaign content strategy that works across local markets is a challenge for most B2B marketing organisations. In her latest blog post and upcoming webinar, Lisa Gately outlines how regional marketers can drive the conversation in three areas to improve audience-centricity, decision-making, and content collaboration.

Pole Position: Three Ways To Fuel Your Content Engine For Success

Phyllis Davidson March 10, 2021
Content engines in B2B organisations have their own fuel, care, and feeding needs to drive the right level of audience engagement.

A Lens On Europe: COVID-19 Makes Empathetic B2B Content Essential

Andia Tonner March 8, 2021
Your Marketing Content Doesn’t Cater To New B2B Buyers The age of the customer has shifted buying power to your customers and fundamentally changed B2B buying behavior.[1] Your once rational, loyal B2B customer has been replaced by a less loyal, more emotional decision-maker, who prefers to remain anonymous and self-directs much of their purchase journey […]

Agile CMS Moves The Market Beyond Headless — The Just-Released Forrester Wave™ Evaluation

Nick Barber February 22, 2021
Agile content management systems (CMSes) build on the momentum of nearly 30 years of delivering modern, digital, internet-powered experiences. With a nod to both developers and practitioners, agile CMS seeks to enable collaborative, iterative approaches to content and experiences that satisfy both sides of the house. Make no mistake, though, agile CMS is more than […]

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Frustrated With Findability? Tagging Content Takes Teamwork

Kathleen Pierce January 13, 2021
Best-in-class organizations pair SMEs with content operations to optimize all aspects of content performance at scale.

Happy B2B “Contentukkah”: Spinning The Editorial Dreidel

Phyllis Davidson December 16, 2020
In the eighth post in Forrester’s 12 days of Christmas blog series, we offer the eight B2B content best practices of “Contentukkah,” the annual holiday commemorating well-written assets.

The Grand Trine Redux: Achieving More Effective B2B Marketing Post-Pandemic

Phyllis Davidson December 11, 2020
A grand trine in astrology occurs when three planets are exactly 120 degrees apart. In her latest blog post for Forrester, Phyllis Davidson shares how three elements are coming together to fuel more effective B2B marketing. Check out the blog post and attend the webinar – you don’t need a telescope to see this grand trine!
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