Marketers, let’s face it: Offering consumers a great experience across their entire customer journey remains a challenge. Despite technology that provides insights, touchpoints are multiplying, marketing channels are still siloed, and customer expectations for a seamless brand experience continue to grow. Consumers want companies to understand them, meet their needs, and protect their privacy. Marketing has a lot to learn from customer experience (CX) when it comes to delivering on these preferred brand experiences. At the same time, CX professionals have traditionally focused on customers after they buy, and there are many opportunities for them to get involved at the start of the journey to improve the entire cycle — and help turn prospects into loyal customers faster. It’s not easy to do — but we will be your guide.

We have a full track with eight sessions on this topic this year at the all-virtual CX North America, “Customer Journeys: From Prospect Through Loyalty.” Some of the top thought leaders in CX and B2C marketing have come together to share their strategies for creating the most effective customer journeys. You will come away with insights into every step of the customer journey that will ultimately help you foster loyal relationships with your prospects and customers.

Curious for more? Here’s a sneak peek at the stellar lineup we have:

  • CX and Marketing: Better Together (with Mary Pilecki, VP, Research Director). I’ll kick off the track by walking you through a data-driven business case for why CX and marketing need to join forces — proof that CX and Marketing are truly better together.
  • Moments Based Engagement: Optimizing the Moments that Matter (with Joe Stanhope, VP, Principal Analyst, and Stephanie Liu, Analyst). What makes a moment? Learn what goes into discerning and crafting contextually relevant customer engagement with examples of how brands are delivering on moments that matter most across the customer journey.
  • Leveraging Design Research To Optimize Your Content Creation Across The Customer Journey (with Kelly Price, Senior Analyst, and Collin Colburn, Senior Analyst). Methods matter. Here’s where we’ll show you how using qualitative design research methodologies can enhance the content creation process to improve the performance of your marketing efforts.
  • Leveraging DTC’s Success With Accelerating The Customer Journey (with Ryan Skinner, Principal Analyst, and Jennifer Wise, Principal Analyst). What can we learn from brands who are getting prospects through the customer journey faster — reducing the time from discover to buy? Let’s explore how direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are redefining convenience and the customer experience.
  • Customer Service and The Customer Journey – Inseparable (with Art Schoeller, Vice President, Principal Analyst). Responsive, connected customer service is critical to the customer journey. Art will share how to apply critical strategies and technologies to deliver top-notch customer service across the enterprise.
  • Journey Analytics: How to Build a Measurement Framework for Customer Journeys (with Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, VP, Principal Analyst). CX strategies need to be impactful, but how do we know if they are? CX pros can measure and manage journey performance by building a measurement framework to assess journey performance.
  • Research Methodologies for Qualitatively Understanding Customer Journeys Faster (with Kelly Price, Senior Analyst). Kelly returns to share key tactics that brands are using to qualitatively understand journeys at a time when marketing, CX, and customer journeys are iterating faster than ever.
  • The Future of Advertising and its Impact on The Customer Journey (with Joanna O’Connell, Vice President, Principal Analyst). Joanna closes out with a forward-looking session that will explore how data deprecation and changing consumer attitudes will impact the relationship between advertising and the customer journey.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this. Register for CX North America, which will take place fully online from June 16–18.