Digitally transforming your business and delivering superior customer experiences is no small task. But despite your best efforts, digital sameness prevents consumers and your partners from distinguishing one experience from another. Even our 2019 Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) data indicates that CX quality has been mostly flat. You are desperate to create differentiation and not look like you did five years ago.

Maximizing the value of your digital transformation and CX efforts means reimagining your business with data, intelligence, and insight at every touchpoint, at every interaction. Data will create that differentiation that you yearn for. As a data and analytics leader, you have the means to help your company reimagine your business  and we’ll help you get there at this year’s Data Strategy & Insights Forum.

Here’s what we’ll cover at the event.

Part One: The Data And Analytics Leader — Reinvented

As data and analytics professionals, you have long been relegated to the back office. Luckily for you, however, that has come and gone. You’ve had an opportunity to dabble with cool new data and analytics technologies. But now you need to prove that they will accelerate your business even further. You must elevate your role to impact and influence strategic business decisions. Learn how data strategy and analytics leaders are becoming business leaders, helping their businesses reimagine themselves with data.

Part Two: Shaping An Insights-Driven Culture

Insights-driven businesses are growing faster than your business, and they are coming after your customers. They do this by systematically harnessing insights and taking immediate actions that improve outcomes everywhere in the firm. Being insights-driven requires more than data, new tech, and data scientists it needs a culture change that impacts everyone from the executive suite down to the data analyst. Learn how to shape your insights-driven culture.

Part Three: Reimagine Your Business With AI

As data strategy and analytics leaders, you can already envision the impact of AI technologies on your roles. Your organization is looking to you to help them understand this opportunity and lead them through the next few years of AI-led transformation of business processes and customer experiences. Are you ready to help your company reimagine your business with AI? Learn about how AI and augmented intelligence will impact your role.

Part Four: The Data And Trust Paradox

There is an erosion of trust in data and analytics. Why? Sometimes models deliver spurious results. And other times, business stakeholders don’t believe analyses that challenge the status quo. Meanwhile, customer trust in companies as stewards of their data is eroding. Learn how data strategy and analytics leaders can help mend the trust fissures before it’s too late.

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