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A Vet, Doctor, And Biomechanical Engineer Walk Into A Bar: Monitoring, Observability, And AIOps In 2022

Carlos Casanova 23 hours ago
AIOps builds upon observability and monitoring to develop deep AI driven insights that enhance human judgements. As we move from monitoring to AIOps, we also move from a reactive to active, then proactive footing before establishing the predictive capabilities AIOps promises. Biomedical devices function the same way. They use the body's telemetry and then act on it before harm is done.

The Top Tech That Will Win Over Banks In 2022

Jost Hoppermann April 29, 2022
Banks are investing in a wide range of emerging technologies. Not all have equal potential today. Find out what’s hot and what’s not.

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The Insights Beat: Time To Spring Into Action, Clean Up Your Data, And Make It Blossom!

Srividya Sridharan March 24, 2022
As the leaves start to grow again and the weather warms up, what better time than now to do some much-needed spring cleaning of your data and insights practices? In this edition of the Insights Beat, we dive into our Q1 research in data, analytics, and AI that highlights the best approach to get more […]

AIOps Needs A Superstructure Of Interoperability

Carlos Casanova March 9, 2022
AIOps solutions are composed of various technology components that work together to address organizational needs. This requires an underpinning superstructure that enables interoperability. The superstructure provides connectivity horizontally across point solutions and vertically through the tiers of capability. 

The Future Of BI — No, It’s Not As Simple As “The Dashboards Are Dead”

Boris Evelson February 23, 2022
BI is alive, but its adoption needs some help. Learn the three reasons why businesses struggle to get more mileage from their business intelligence applications.

Meet Your New Technology, Architecture, And Delivery Analyst

Carlos Casanova December 22, 2021
When Did You Join Forrester? I began my latest career adventure with Forrester in November 2021. The Forrester “Bold At Work” values will be core drivers for my research, with the intent of enabling clients and technology vendors to also be “bold at work.” Together, we’ll accomplish great things. I have always focused on delivering […]

The Future Of BI: Augmented And Personalized

Boris Evelson October 28, 2021
Will AI change how users gain insights from their BI platforms? The answer is ... complicated. Join us at Data Strategy & Insights to find out more.

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Connected Insurance: Reality Or Hype?

Jeffery Williams August 16, 2021
I speak often with clients about the role of technology in insurance. Of the many innovations we discuss, connected insurance may be the most polarizing. Connected insurance (CI) is nascent across most insurance lines. But evolving consumer preferences and increasing competition from digital-first startups require forward-thinking insurers to harness emerging technology and invest in CI […]

Open Finance Will Reshape The Relationship Between Banks And Their Customers

Jacob Morgan August 11, 2021
Learn the two crucial factors that will determine the pace and scale of open finance's opportunity.

Amplify Intelligence With AI And Analytics — Forrester’s Virtual Data & Insights Forum, October 13–15

Boris Evelson October 5, 2020
They say data is the new oil. They say data is the new currency. They say data is the key competitive differentiator. All true. But reality is sobering: Only 7% of firms report advanced, insights-driven practices. Respondents to the same survey claimed that less than half (49%) of all business decisions in their enterprise are […]

BI Is Dead; Long Live BI

Boris Evelson September 21, 2020
Enterprise BI is not dead, It's alive and thriving. But there are changes ahead. Learn about five of them here.

The 37 Major Machine-Learning Tools For 2020

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. May 27, 2020
Enterprises need more artificial intelligence and machine-learning (ML) solutions to drive value, transform their businesses, and outperform the competition. But firms find it challenging to navigate the lifecycle of developing, deploying, and maintaining their ML models and AI solutions. A key problem? They don’t have the right PAML (predictive analytics and machine learning) solutions that […]

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The Rise Of The New Talent Networks

Mark Brandau April 7, 2020
We’ve learned a lot in the past 60 days and will continue to learn more as COVID-19’s impact on organizations and their workforces unfolds over the coming weeks and months. One of the things we do know is that organizations are rethinking short- and-long term workforce strategies. Depending on the industry you’re in, a weighted […]

Healthcare CRMs Are The Key To Unlocking The Digital Front Door: Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™

Arielle Trzcinski March 12, 2020
Healthcare organizations (HCOs) should look to healthcare customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to enable their “digital front door” strategy and meet the growing demands of their customers for a great experience — both digitally and beyond. The recently published report, “The Forrester Wave™: Healthcare CRM Providers, Q1 2020,” identified the seven most significant players in […]

The Insights Beat: Stay On Course With Smart Data And Analytics Choices

Srividya Sridharan March 10, 2020
As companies navigate through murky waters amid global health and economic headwinds, as a data and analytics leader, it may feel like there are many things that are out of your hands today. As you weather these conditions, it is still important to chart a steady course and be laser-focused on the parts you can […]

Predictions 2020: Approaches To Customer Insights Evolve

Gene Leganza October 30, 2019
The coming year will bring changes in approaches to deriving customer insights. Only some firms will succeed.

Predictions 2020: AI Aspirations Will Both Sizzle And Simmer

Srividya Sridharan October 30, 2019
In 2020, companies will become laser-focused on AI value and accelerate adoption. Get Forrester's top three predictions for AI in 2020.

Voice Of The Attendee: Data And Analytics Strategy, AI/ML, CX, And Growth

Srividya Sridharan October 22, 2019
Learn the topics that data professionals want to hear about most at the upcoming Data Strategy & Insights Forum.

Data Strategy & Insights 2019: The Data And Analytics Leader — Reinvented

Brandon Purcell September 13, 2019


Data Strategy & Insights 2019: Reimagine To Reinvent

Srividya Sridharan September 5, 2019

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