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Oracle Exits The Advertising Business

Stephanie Liu 5 days ago
Oracle announced last week that it is exiting the advertising business and sunsetting its adtech by September 30. While the announcement isn’t surprising given its massive layoffs in 2022 of teams supporting Oracle Advertising, the speed of Oracle Advertising’s demise is shocking. Oracle serves as a case study in how quickly and significantly the foundation […]

Location Data Is A Problematic Fave, And It’s Time To Break Up

Stephanie Liu May 2, 2024
We’ve written in the past about the dangers of location data, but recent headlines have once again highlighted its extremely problematic nature. The US Federal Communications Commission fined four mobile carriers $200 million for selling customers’ location data, and Google is paying a $62 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit alleging that it collected location […]


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Latest Proposed Federal Privacy Law Faces Favorable Winds

Stephanie Liu April 22, 2024
Though the American Privacy Rights Act faces an uphill road, there are clear signs of progress on the consumer privacy front. Learn about the bill and what marketers can expect.

Google Chrome Settlement Shows The Power Of Privacy-Minded Consumers

Stephanie Liu April 4, 2024
The details of Google’s settlement in a multiyear lawsuit over Incognito mode became public this week. Find out what changes Google will make as a result of the settlement and what it means for marketers everywhere.

Glassdoor’s Mishandling Of Customer Data Has Some Users Eyeing The Exits

Stephanie Liu March 26, 2024
The platforms' covert addition of users’ real names, jobs, and job titles to their previously anonymous profiles has sparked backlash and distrust.

US Govt. Makes More Data Privacy Moves: What Marketers Need To Know

Stephanie Liu March 8, 2024
With two moves, the federal government bucked its reputation for moving at a glacial pace this week. First, the Federal Trade Commission dropped a blog post stating that “Browsing and location data are sensitive. Full stop.” Second, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce moved forward with two bills in response to President […]

Breaking Down The US Executive Order To Protect Americans’ Sensitive Personal Data

Stephanie Liu February 29, 2024
Learn the key takeaways and market impacts from the Biden administration’s executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data.

What To Know: A Retrospective Of 2023’s Top Breaches And Fines

Sandy Carielli February 28, 2024
After a retrospective review of the largest publicly reported breaches and privacy violations in 2023, here's what you need to know for 2024.

California’s Privacy Law Puts Second-Party Data On Notice

Stephanie Liu February 23, 2024
The California attorney general’s office reached a settlement with DoorDash after the food delivery company sold customer data without proper notice or opt-out controls. It got slapped with a measly $375,000 fine (for context, DoorDash’s stock price is $120 and change), but don’t brush this off as a one-and-done. A closer look at the settlement […]

Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

What It Means February 1, 2024
How will generative AI impact infrastructure plans? What regulatory issues will tech leaders have to grapple with? Hear Forrester’s technology analysts discuss their predictions for the latest tech trends in 2024.

The EU Data Act Is Now In Force — What It Means For You And Your Organization

Martha Bennett January 12, 2024
Find out what the Act means for your organization and get seven tips on what to do next.

Predictions 2024: Security And Risk Pros Will Apply Guardrails Beyond Regulatory Mandates

Alla Valente October 31, 2023
In 2024, as more organizations launch new genAI initiatives, they will need to balance fast innovation with governance and accountability. Learn more in our 2024 predictions for cybersecurity, risk, and privacy.

Align AI By Design (Or Risk Decline)

Brandon Purcell October 23, 2023
You can’t afford to sit back and wait on the opportunities in AI. But you can’t afford to deploy misaligned systems either. What do you do? Learn how to Align By Design.

Managing The Privacy Risks Of Generative AI

What It Means September 28, 2023
Nervous about the privacy implications of your latest generative AI pilots? In this episode, Principal Analyst Enza Iannopollo shares some insights and mistakes to avoid.

The Web Needs A Way Of Proving That You’re A Real Person — Worldcoin Is Not The Solution

Martha Bennett July 26, 2023
New crypto-focused financial network Worldcoin promises to provide a “new identity and financial network owned by everyone.” But it raises more issues than it solves. Find out why.

Making Reality Unreal: Five Deepfake Scams That Imperil Enterprises In 2023

Jeff Pollard June 27, 2023
While it might seem like generative AI is the only use case for AI around today, just a few years ago, deepfakes wore the mantle for attention and hype in the AI universe. That’s fallen off considerably today, but we will likely see a resurgence in interest based on attacks using deepfakes to scam and […]

The GDPR Fine Against Meta Is Significant But Not For The Reasons You Think

Enza Iannopollo May 23, 2023
Learn why the €1.2 billion GDPR fine levied against Meta for violation of international data transfer requirements should be a wake-up call for many privacy and business leaders.

Seriously, Stop Putting Consumer Data Into ChatGPT

Stephanie Liu May 3, 2023
An important reminder about generative AI tools like ChatGPT: There’s no way of knowing what happens to the data you share with it.

Navigating The Era Of E-Privacy And The Cookieless World

Fernando Pena April 25, 2023
With the future of cookies uncertain, marketers must explore other options to survive and thrive in this era of e-privacy.

Let The Battle Begin: Privacy Versus ChatGPT

Enza Iannopollo April 3, 2023
The implications of, and the privacy risks associated with, generative AI systems will be impactful. Learn five things you can do to address them today.
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