• Internal communications is often given short shrift when it comes to budget allocation
  • Executives are realizing that an engaged workforce is key to delivering a more positive customer experience
  • Investment in employee marketing programs and technology is increasing, especially in high-tech

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Let’s face it:  Internal communications isn’t exactly the seat of power in most companies. Executives may give lip service to the idea that “employees are our most valuable asset,” but when it comes to doling out actual dollars, internal communications is often last on the list or left off entirely.  This recent satirical article in The Onion on a company that decided to “experiment with valuing employees” but then canceled the program when it learned that it will cost “upwards of $2,500 annually” will hit home with many comms professionals.

The good news is that in some companies, this mindset is beginning to change.  Executives are realizing that an engaged and informed workforce is one of the keys to delivering a more positive customer experience.  Consequently, we’re seeing signs that investment in employee marketing programs and technology is creeping upward.  This is especially true in fields like high-tech, where qualified job candidates are in short supply.

What’s happening in your organization?  Is funding for employee communications on the rise?  Will companies finally put their money where their mouth is?  Or are you still struggling to make do on a shoestring budget and battling for a seat at the table?

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