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A strong brand is among a company’s most valuable assets. Today, a clear, consistent branding strategy is as critical for B2B organizations as it is for consumer-focused firms. Explore our brand and communications insights to help connect brand to business value and drive awareness, demand, and engagement.

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A Match Made In Plastic? Capital One’s Quest To Acquire Discover

Peter Wannemacher 3 days ago
Capital One’s plan to acquire Discover will change the shape of the financial services landscape (though not the fundamental forces that drive growth and success — but more on that later). To help you understand the implications of the proposed merger, Forrester took a deep dive into our research and data (full report for clients […]

How Brands Can Steer Clear Of GenAI Backlash

What It Means May 16, 2024
As generative AI becomes more pervasive in products and ads, consumers are questioning what they see and, by extension, whether they should trust the brands using it. How should brands navigate these perils? Principal Analyst Audrey Chee-Read shares insights and advice on What It Means.

Brand Is A Long Game: The Tangible Value Of B2B Brand Investments

Karen Tran May 3, 2024
Brand investments are like retirement investments. The idea is to invest regularly and consistently starting as early as possible, knowing that by the time retirement hits, the value will have accrued over time and the investments will have compounding returns. When we begin the uphill climb of investing, the returns may feel modest. It’s difficult […]

Disconnected Messaging Breeds Mistrust. How Can You Fix It?

Barry Vasudevan April 12, 2024
Disconnected messaging reflects a disconnected organization. Learn how bridging silos yields positive outcomes in this B2B Summit North America session overview.

Why Brand And Reputation Programs Should Be More Than Just Air Cover

Karen Tran April 10, 2024
There’s more to planning and executing reputation programs than what we typically see at the usual “air cover” level. Learn more about the Forrester Reputation Program Decision Model in this preview of B2B Summit North America.

Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Adobe Developments Signal Changes For B2B Content Workflows

Lisa Gately April 3, 2024
A year after the release of Adobe Firefly, B2B content workflows come into focus, with brand guidelines and broader participation possible in content creation and distribution activities.

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From Dominance To Decline: Global Brands Are Losing In China

Xiaofeng Wang February 27, 2024
For years, China's economic growth and consumer market have been a magnet for global brands seeking expansion. However, the tide has turned. Get four best practices for global brands to navigate the changing Chinese market successfully in this preview of a new report.

Brands And PR Agencies Contend With Today’s Culture Wars

Jay Pattisall January 31, 2024
Given today’s heightened polarization, what role will PR agencies play in guiding corporate brands? We hypothesize three key elements are fundamental to crisis and reputation services.

Are B2B Buyers Cowards?

Ian Bruce January 24, 2024
No matter how big a game a buyer talks, less than a third of all buyers are risk-tolerant. Trust is the remedy to risk — and trusted companies are more likely to win and retain customers and enjoy a strong buyer preference.

B2B Summit North America 2024: Your Ticket To Turning Disruption Into Growth

Srividya Sridharan January 23, 2024
Explore the strategies and tools needed to drive customer-obsessed growth at our premier event for B2B marketing, sales, and product teams.

What To Do Next About Your Customer Advocacy Platform

Amy Bills January 23, 2024
Where does the late December acquisition of customer advocacy and community platform Influitive leave current customers? Here we provide a plan for moving forward.

European Banks Struggle To Earn High Levels Of Customer Trust

Aurelie L'Hostis December 18, 2023
Consumers in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK generally rate their trust towards their bank as weak or — at best — moderate.

Your Ticket To Immersive Story-Oriented Experiences

Joe Cicman December 12, 2023
MTV’s “Emily in Paris” is the story of an American marketing executive assigned to her agency’s Paris office. In each episode, she learns something new about the culture: She nails the pitch, there’s a montage of the campaign coming together, and then she celebrates with the brand owner at his castle. Along the way, her […]

What If Your Commerce Strategy Was A “Choose Your Own Adventure”?

Chuck Gahun December 12, 2023
Despite touting so much about storytelling, most brand experiences are still designed for marketing funnels. In a world where data deprecation is rapidly constraining customer experiences and where digital sameness is ubiquitous, how do leading brands separate themselves from the pack to drive consumer engagement, loyalty, and topline revenue growth? With the forecast of a […]

‘Tis The Season To Master Retail Media

Nikhil Lai November 22, 2023
Retail media’s challenges signal growing pains unlike those of other channels. Read more on Forrester’s insights for this holiday season.

Your Data Culture Is DOA

Kim Herrington November 21, 2023
In Forrester’s Data Culture And Literacy Survey, 2023, we uncovered key insights about the state of data culture in organizations. Shockingly, nearly half of employees lack the ability to search for existing insights and struggle to find reports, data sets, and insights. Don’t miss out on gaining a competitive advantage by revitalizing your data culture.

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Consumer Spending Expectations — Holiday Edition

Dipanjan Chatterjee November 8, 2023
Consumers are mostly skittish about spending more this holiday than they have the rest of the year, and categories like beauty and personal care and consumer durables will fare far worse than health and wellness and apparel.

B2B CMOs: What’s Your Role In The Employee Value Proposition?

Karen Tran November 7, 2023
Too often, CMOs are absent from the EVP process because it doesn’t focus on buyers and customers. That's a mistake.

Predictions 2024: CMOs Prioritize Practicality Over Purpose

Mike Proulx October 25, 2023

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