More than 400 digitally native, direct-to-consumer (DTC) disruptor brands have burst on the scene — brands going beyond the online ordering offered by traditional catalog or eCommerce retailer models. They promise sleep, reimagined; oral care, like never before; sneakers, cool enough to wear to work; meal preparation, made easy; and all, delivered directly to you.

Traditional brands can’t afford to ignore them, because while quality, convenience, and trust remain key purchase drivers, these DTC disruptors deliver new experiences that redefine empowered customers’ expectations for these attributes — expectations that traditional brands must rise to meet.

For example, we heard that consumers no longer automatically assume that a long-established brand will be high-quality. As one consumer told us, “The silly concept of just being a recognized brand name signifying high quality isn’t relevant anymore.” Startups that are transparent about their business practices and have a strong mission earn the benefit of the doubt despite having little or no history.

Our research showed similar redefinitions of what “trust” and “convenience” mean today. How will you respond to this challenge?

We’ll be publishing two reports outlining why consumers are drawn to DTC disruptor brands and what marketers need to do about it at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2019 Forum. Join us in NYC on April 2–3 to learn more about what we’ve uncovered so you can build your DTC strategy!