You know by now how the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it causes, are triggering headlines around the world. The health effects are important to track, as is the economic impact stemming from it. But what about the effect on your employees? On Wednesday, I sat down with Forrester VP and Group Director Stephanie Balaouras to discuss the data we are collecting in our #pandemicEX survey project. Though we are still in field, we were impatient to take a peek at a few data points from US workers, where we have the largest sample. In the above video, we discuss what percentage of them agree that their employer has a plan, how many companies are canceling in-person meetings, and how many are seeing more of their employees being asked to work from home.

As our security and risk team wrote early on in this epidemic (subscription-only), not only do companies have to have a business continuity plan for keeping the business afloat, but they should also recognize that employees are the asset that will keep the business going ahead of, during, and after any coronavirus effects. Join us in collecting the data that companies and governments will need to monitor the situation on the ground and take appropriate steps. Please take the survey, and share it with others. Starting next week, we’ll share with you how confident employees are in the plans that their companies have and how much they believe that their leaders are managing the risk. Follow #pandemicEX and @forrester on Twitter to get updates as they are posted. Forrester clients can get additional up-to-the-minute insights on coronavirus preparation and management on their ForresterNow dashboard.