B2B customers are demanding more personalized buying experiences across an expanding variety of channels — full-service, self-service, digital, partner-led — but what we’ve found is that buying practices have changed faster than selling practices. To solve this challenge, I am excited to announce a new service within our B2B portfolio: Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales.

To succeed, and to create a sustainable growth engine, sales leaders must throw out old playbooks that rely on a small set of superstar reps or on throwing sales headcount at the problem. Instead, sales and revenue leaders must transition to a systematic approach, one that prioritizes processes and investments in infrastructure, technology, and insights to enable — and empower — all their customer-facing talent.

Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales partners with revenue leaders to drive scalable, sustainable growth, fueled by an empowered sales and customer success organization that delivers consistent and predictable results. Our new service will lead you through:

  • Setting your strategy. Build an integrated revenue and route-to-market strategy aligned to corporate objectives and optimize the organizational structure that supports it.
  • Activating your sales force. Inspire and enable revenue teams with the confidence, competence, and content needed to meet individual goals and ensure that the business achieves revenue and growth targets.
  • Driving revenue growth. Acquire new customers, expand within existing accounts, and deliver exceptional buyer experiences by creating and optimizing sales execution processes across the entire customer lifecycle.

Research and guidance within the Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales service is aligned to the priorities that sales leaders are challenged with today.

Forrester Decisions for B2B Sales will meet sales executives, channel and partner sales leaders, revenue enablement heads, and customer success leaders wherever you are in your growth stage. This service delivers advice, guidance, and best practices that ensure the success of leaders in all these roles. We also help you optimize cross-functional alignment across product, marketing, sales, customer success, revenue operations, revenue enablement, and partner initiatives to build an integrated and customer-obsessed growth engine.

Forrester’s team of analysts — with years of experience as sales practitioners — are ready to support you. You can also connect with your account manager to learn how your existing service has expanded to help you better align across functions. If you’re not yet a client, you can learn how to get access to the body of research that will transform your organization into a customer-obsessed growth engine.