Note: This post is preserved for reference, but the assessment it links to is no longer live. Forrester clients are welcome to reach out to learn more about the future fit assessment and other tools that can help achieve similar goals in understanding and engaging workers.


We’re pleased to announce an updated Forrester Future Fit assessment experience. Since we launched future fit in April of 2019 we have had incredible feedback from users and clients who want to know more, learn more, and improve their own fitness. Thanks to thousands of new datapoints we have been able to make a lightweight survey that more accurately measures your overall fitness. Try the new survey and the Future Fit Experience which guides you through the key elements of future fitness.

Go to LINK REMOVED and click on the “Get Your Future Fit Score Here” button. The brief survey will compute your score — high, medium, or low — and then lead you through some introductory content that will motivate you to increase your fitness. We’re excited to take this journey with you.



The Future Fit Experience: LINK REMOVED
Forrester report (for clients): Introducing Forrester Future Fit


James McQuivey, PhD is not just the creator of future fitness — he’s the first client and is improving his fitness even now! He also authored the classic book on consumer-led digital transformation, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.