I’m pleased to announce the publication of the second of my two APAC generative AI (genAI) B2C marketing reports, Generative AI Marketing Use Cases In APAC (client-only access). Following the first data overview report on the state of genAI marketing in the region, this report delves into diverse genAI marketing use cases that achieved positive outcomes for early adopters. Here are the key findings. 

GenAI Marketing Use Cases Vary By Type, Industry, And Geography 

Early adoption of genAI marketing in APAC is evident, with 85% of surveyed B2C marketing decision-makers indicating current use or exploration of genAI marketing use cases. Specifically, we see that: 

  • Content development dominates current use cases. Top genAI marketing use cases commonly explored or used by both brands and agencies involve content development, such as advertising content, creative briefs, and email content. Text and images are the most popular content types, while audio, video, and code are still emerging. 
  • Consumer goods and media firms are early adopters. That’s due to their abundance of consumer data and content and high campaign volume. In contrast, regulated industries like financial services tend to be more conservative and slower to adopt genAI for marketing (see Figure 1). 
  • China, India, and Southeast Asia are hotbeds of exploration. Markets with large consumer bases and diverse demographics stand to gain the most from genAI’s ability to achieve personalized scale. Government support, such as Singapore’s National AI Strategy, further catalyze genAI adoption. 

Early GenAI Marketing Use Cases Yield Positive Benefits 

Applying genAI to marketing has delivered results; early adopters experienced benefits in three main categories: 

  • Improved content quality and scale. GenAI addresses the challenge of rapidly creating high-quality content to achieve personalization at scale. Early adopters reported enhanced creativity, effectiveness, and increased content scale and velocity through genAI. 
  • Enhanced marketing insights and execution. AI-generated insights and analysis help marketers act on customer data rapidly, improve their storytelling, and align marketing execution with changing consumer behavior. 
  • Increased productivity and cost efficiency. Early adopters using genAI have delivered more with the same resources by increasing the productivity of marketing teams and agencies and making marketing service delivery more cost efficient.  

Best Practices Of Adopting GenAI For Marketing 

Despite being in the early stages of their genAI journey, early adopters have conducted experiments and pilots to gather best practices that will guide the success of their future genAI marketing endeavors.  

To learn more about these best practices, identify relevant use cases, and explore potential applications of genAI for marketing, Forrester clients can read the full report for more detailed guidance.