Pick a sport. Any sport. You are now tasked with managing that team’s success. Sounds pretty fun, right? Apply this to managing a company’s search engine optimization, and it quickly turns into a cumbersome task. You know the desired outcome and KPIs you’d like to achieve, but numerous obstacles can stand in the way of accomplishing these goals — from people to technology to process. And with SEO, just like any sports season, it may feel as though you take one step forward and then two steps back

Don’t get discouraged, because we have just released two reports to help marketers that manage SEO:

  • In our first report, “Ten SEO Best Practices That Your Site Can’t Live Without,” we break down the rudimentary process of how search engine results pages crawl, index, and rank your site. And with that framework in mind, we go into detail about the most important best practices that will help your site from a technical and content perspective.
  • The second report, “Top-Notch SEO Requires Seamless Coordination, Not Another Siloed Team,” goes into how you set up your SEO process. We found in this research that companies that are successful in SEO don’t have a siloed team but rather a strategy for managing the process across all necessary stakeholders. This report will help you determine which SEO org model is right for you.