Paid media in the context of B2B marketing is in for a roller-coaster ride over the next three to five years. If you’re in charge of advertising for a B2B company or business unit, you’re going to need courage and four other important attributes to sustain any success you’ve achieved in the past.

B2B advertisers, paid media teams, and their agencies will face a deluge of internal and external obstacles — from data deprecation, fragmented digital audiences, organizational friction, and other factors.

In addition to courage, successfully overcoming the challenges that lie ahead for B2B advertising will require the following key strategy components:

  • Digital audience savvy. B2B advertisers will need to know how to build, manage, and reach digital audiences at scale.
  • Brand and demand interlock. B2B advertisers will need to break down the silos between brand advertising and demand advertising and collaborate gracefully.
  • Evolved measurement and testing. B2B advertisers will need to completely transform their attribution and media mix modeling approach.
  • Creative excellence. B2B advertisers will need to go beyond ad design and develop concepts that engage audiences memorably.

These headwinds and strategies are detailed in our new report, The Future Of B2B Advertising Is A Creative Mix Of Brand, Demand, Audiences, Measurement, And Courage. The report is full of facts, data, and insights from thought-leaders to help you think through your paid media vision and planning for the coming year and the foreseeable future. It’s easy to read the report, but crafting your unique vision, strategy, and execution plan will be a big challenge. We’re here to help you. So don’t hesitate to reach out to talk through this report, and we’ll put our heads together to develop a winning strategy. Here’s to your courageous success!