Less than 50% of consumers logged into their health insurer or healthcare provider’s website or mobile app in 2019. That figure tells a lot. Despite heavy investments in digital and the customer experience, healthcare organizations (HCOs) are failing to meet customer needs and expectations. This is resulting in poor customer acquisition and retention rates.

HCOs must refocus and listen to the customer to understand how consumers want to engage at each digital touchpoint throughout the care journey. Across each of the seven phases of a customer’s journey, there are ample opportunities to gather feedback that can be used to enrich the customer experience.

Use Customer Feedback To Continuously Improve Your Digital Front Door Strategy

Consumers want:

  • Digital communication. Approximately a quarter of consumers would use their insurers’ site more if they could communicate with their provider via secure email, and 44% of consumers find it important for providers to have a secure patient portal for online interactions. Secure messaging and patient portals create a way to create a strong, ongoing doctor-patient relationship that leads to improved outcomes.
  • Convenience. Almost half of consumers want to be able to discuss symptoms remotely, while approximately half of consumers already receive care via online text chat or are interested in doing so. Convenience is extremely important to the modern consumer, and HCOs who make understanding and getting care easier will create a great customer experience that leads to enhanced loyalty.
  • Personalization. Almost half of consumers find it important to be able to select a doctor who supports their specific needs, and a quarter would engage more if they received care reminders. Sending healthcare consumers intuitive reminders and allowing them to choose what they need for their experience will make consumers feel valued and drive further engagement.

Read the “Forrester Infographic: Optimize Your Digital Front Door Strategy To Enhance The Care Journey” report to learn how healthcare consumers currently engage across each phase and uncover opportunities in how consumers want to engage. Use these insights to bolster your digital front door strategy and achieve a competitive advantage to fend off new entrants vying for your customer’s business.

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