Companies buy in to the theory of customer obsession. Does anyone out there think that putting the customer at the center of your leadership, strategy, and operations is a bad idea?? See, I didn’t think so. And yet, just 8% of enterprises are actually customer-obsessed. When my colleague Rick Parrish and I developed a new curriculum on customer obsession, we started by thinking about why more companies aren’t customer-obsessed — what is holding them back? Our discovery: Customer obsession is a whole-scale shift in how businesses think and operate. It doesn’t just happen when well-intentioned businesses are nicer to customers — or even when they reduce the friction of customer experiences. Customer obsession pivots the vision a company is working toward, how it works, and even the primary value it brings to its market, partners, employees, and customers.

So our new research answers this “how?” question that you are likely asking. How do I become customer-obsessed? How customer-obsessed should I become? And my latest favorite: Is Customer Obsession Worth It? In this report, we model out the costs and benefits to move from your starting state of customer obsession to your ideal maturity level. Spoiler alert: Investing in customer obsession will yield at least a 700% ROI over 12 years, depending on your company and customer type. Use the customizable model associated with this report to calculate the precise return for your company based on your specific inputs.

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