Clients have asked us: What should we do during the pandemic about our investments in influencer marketing? Is it tone-deaf to continue right now? Or is it actually an ideal time to use influencers?

In order to establish a baseline to answer this influencer marketing question with data, here’s what we did:

  • Curated Forrester’s own research and media coverage on the pandemic’s impact on marketing and influencer marketing specifically
  • Sourced monthly aggregate influencer activations from twenty influencer marketing solutions, as well as their highest-engagement influencer posts (during the pandemic)*

Our analysis leads toward a gentle “buy” recommendation. The full research is presented in a 12-minute video that you can find here (Forrester clients). The video above is a cut-down version of some of the key findings in the full video.

If you’d like to discuss the results in more detail, let’s talk:

* Ahalogy, AspireIQ, Blog Meets Brand, Captiv8, CreatorIQ, Dovetale, Hivency, Impact, Indahash,, Inmar Intelligence, Klear, Launchmetrics, Mavrck, Popular Pays, Sideqik, Social Native, Tidal Labs, Upfluence, and Whalar.