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Marketers have gone full-tilt into marketing technology (martech) to improve engagement. Yet the strategy behind these investments hasn’t always kept pace. Read our insights on using marketing technology to achieve more meaningful and profitable experiences.

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CMOs And CIOs Are Navigating The Path To Sustainable Marketing Technology

Christina Schmitt 6 days ago
In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, it’s no surprise that every aspect of business is being scrutinized for its impact on the planet. One aspect that often flies under the radar is marketing technology. The digital landscape we operate in demands ever more energy and resources, making it imperative for businesses to rethink […]

Revenue Waterfall Functionality To Look For When Choosing Revenue Technology

Simon Daniels September 25, 2023
Here’s what to consider when evaluating platforms as part of adopting an opportunity-based waterfall.

Salesforce Debuts New High-End Editions For Sales And Service

Liz Herbert September 22, 2023
As Salesforce quietly debuts a new tier to customers, the advice for buyers is simple: do the math. Learn more in this post.

Low-Code Opens Up New Opportunities For Marketers To Elevate And Control Martech

Joe Stanhope September 22, 2023
Low-code application development is revolutionizing how enterprises develop technology. Any tech ecosystem in which multiple applications, data sources, and processes intersect is ripe for low-code innovation. Martech is notoriously complex and dynamic, so it’s no surprise that low-code is finding its way into the marketing department. Marketing adoption of low-code appdev is still nascent, but the […]

How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

What It Means September 21, 2023
For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

Improve Your Loyalty Results With A Loyalty Services Provider

Mary Pilecki August 16, 2023
Does your brand employ a loyalty services provider in addition to a loyalty technology provider? If not, you should consider it. Brands continue to increase spend on loyalty technology and programs, but they often don’t tie their loyalty initiatives to broader corporate goals, negatively impacting their success. Services providers help here. This blog answers key […]

Announcing Forrester’s Embedded Conversation Automation Landscape For B2B Marketing

Jessie Johnson August 11, 2023
Conversational AI, chatbots, and automated marketing are not new to B2B marketing technology stacks. B2B marketing organizations leverage conversation automation solutions to better understand and enable buyers, customers, and internal teams by integrating signal-responsive conversations into existing workflows, tactics, and content experiences that span the full customer lifecycle. Conversation automation is quickly becoming integral to […]

Market Limbo Requires That Marketers Remain Limber

Keith Johnston August 8, 2023
For 2024, marketing executives must steer clear of “growth at any cost” and make strategic decisions about their B2C marketing budgets and work closely with CX and digital teams. Read our recommendations.

What Type Of Intent Data Provider Is Best For Your B2B Business?

Brett Kahnke July 31, 2023
In the recent Forrester Wave™ evaluation covering B2B intent data providers, we identified four primary business models among intent data providers. Understanding the differing focuses of these business models can help you build your shortlist of potential intent providers.

When It Comes To Revenue Technology, The Grass Isn’t Always Greener …

Simon Daniels July 28, 2023
Before contemplating changing a revenue technology platform, make sure that the prospect of greener grass isn’t luring you into making a bad decision.

From Data To Dollars: Where CMOs Should Guide Marketing Technology Investment To Increase Customer Obsession

Christina Schmitt July 27, 2023
(cowritten with Research Associate Julia Swerdlow) It’s not new that marketing technology (martech) plays a central role in enabling B2B organizations’ marketing strategies. In fact, more than half of B2B marketing leaders invest over 10% of their total marketing budget in technology, per Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2023. And investments are expected to grow, with over […]

CMOs: Is Generative AI On Your Mind?

Subhendu Pattnaik July 26, 2023
I do not have to convince anyone today that generative AI (genAI) technology is a huge trend and a potentially massive disruption to the way work gets done. You know something is incredibly popular when your next-door neighbor stops you outside your door and starts talking about the out-of-the-world benefits (or their fears) of the […]

One Destination, Many Paths: The Content Engagement Solutions Landscape

Phyllis Davidson July 24, 2023
B2B marketers spend ample time seeking better ways to engage their audiences, convert them to buyers, and retain them as customers. While content is central to engagement, audience expectations for contextually relevant, personalized content know no limits. To get content right, technology is key, but there are many paths to the ideal content destination. In […]

Build A Roadmap For Collecting The Customer Data That You’ll Actually Use

Stephanie Liu June 22, 2023
Marketers want to capture as much zero- and first-party data as possible, whether that’s email addresses, marketing opt-ins and other consent, or more granular data about who a customer is and what they’re interested in. But consumers have more power to be selective about who they share data with and when and have become wary […]

AI And B2B Marketing: Three Opportunities And Challenges To Ponder

Phyllis Davidson June 15, 2023
In the most promising areas of AI impact in B2B marketing, prudence, too, is advised as marketers explore use cases.

Adtech Is Searching For Its Next Oasis

Mo Allibhai June 12, 2023
This year, programmatic advertisers face an unusual economic paradox: Ad spend continues to go up, but sellers of programmatic advertising and adtech vendors alike are consolidating and reorganizing in pursuit of efficiency. The stakes (and the same factors that drove real-time bidding adoption in the first place) are high: millions of hours of monetizable consumer […]

There Is No Single “Personalization Technology” Category

Jessica Liu June 6, 2023
Tackling consumer personalization requires strategy, data, and technology (see figure). When it comes to the third pillar, technology, consumer personalization capabilities are baked into many different technology categories across the business technology ecosystem. Companies must strive to harmonize multiple tools to deliver personalized moments that can occur anywhere in the customer lifecycle. Instead of focusing […]

Call For Entries: Forrester APAC B2B Marketing Awards 2023

Daryl Wright May 24, 2023
Forrester is excited to announce the opening call for entries to our annual APAC B2B Marketing Awards in two categories: B2B Programs of the Year and B2B Return on Integration Honors. The awards recognize outstanding achievement at the organization and function level from B2B marketing initiatives. To be considered, applicants must show that they have […]

Is Your Quest To Build A Modern, Automated, Optimized Tech Stack Leaving Your Customers Behind? Probably.

Katie Linford May 3, 2023
Organizations that prioritize internal criteria for making tech decisions often miss the mark. Discover how embracing customer obsession can turn your B2B tech strategy into a revenue-generating powerhouse at this year’s B2B Summit North America.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Event Management Technology, Q1 2023 — A New Digital Era For B2B Events

Conrad Mills April 13, 2023
The Forrester Wave™: B2B Event Management Technology, Q1 2023, reveals a massive change in the event tech market over the past three years. Events have transitioned from an in-person-centric event world pre-pandemic to one that now incorporates a wider range of digitally driven event experiences. Selecting the right technology provider is crucial, but with the […]
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