In 2024, about 30 billion records from almost 4,000 entities were breached — the so-called mother of all breaches — and we haven’t even hit the summer yet. Beyond data breaches, the threat landscape has evolved from run-of-the-mill and opportunistic attacks a few years ago to more sophisticated and targeted campaigns. European organizations with an interest in remaining productive need to deal with today’s threats and also plan for the future.

At Infosecurity Europe 2024, taking place at ExCel London between 4–6 June, Forrester will be hosting an exclusive event, Navigating Europe’s Evolving Threat Ecosystem In 2024 And Beyond, which will provide insight into the unique cybersecurity challenges facing European businesses and how leaders can tailor their security strategies accordingly. These are the key themes we’ll be exploring at the event:

  • Addressing the silent threat — cybersecurity burnout. Companies and society at large have been flooded with reports highlighting technology issues such as misconfigured APIs or compromised credentials. However, the media seldom discuss the people doing the defending. Security professionals have a weight of expectation but lack resources and commitment to the cause that hides the threat of cybersecurity burnout. Significant levels of stress are leading to more professionals experiencing serious health risks such as burnout, as well as physical and mental health crises. It is time to address this silent threat since this isn’t only a human issue — it’s a cyber risk.
  • A 2024 review of Forrester’s predictions on security, risk, and privacy. In 2024, security, risk, and privacy leaders balancing speed of innovation with governance and accountability beyond regulatory mandates will benefit most from transformational innovation. Forrester predicted in 2024 that: 1) Zero Trust will get dedicated resources; 2) flaws in AI-generated code will be exploited; 3) handling of PII will draw regulatory scrutiny; and 4) cyber insurers will become more selective about tools. We’ll explore these predictions and assess the current position of these predictions.
  • Emerging technology and what it means for security. We’ll discuss the role of emerging tech in shaping our technology ecosystem, both from an opportunity and risk lens. We’ll discuss the role of AI in security strategy, detection, and enabling response. In addition, we’ll explore how AI has shaped today’s threat ecosystem and regional differences via the kinds of attacks we expect to be driven/enhanced by AI. We’ll also discuss case studies of organizations that have practically applied AI to their security initiatives.
  • Narratives and their role in the threat ecosystem. More than 60 countries are having elections this year, with Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Belgium, Iceland, Austria, and the UK representing some of the European countries in that number. The risk of false narratives will come from external actors and from within as political rivals try to shape election narratives. Beyond the immediately obvious implications of techniques such as deepfakes and social media bots, we’re also going to explore the role of cultural biases and economic factors on how threat actors approach psyops.

Forrester’s event will take place at Infosecurity Europe 2024 on Wednesday, 5 June, between 10–11:30 a.m. in South Gallery Room 10.

Join us to explore emerging tech and implications for cybersecurity, the role of geopolitics, and pressing issues of cyber burnout and skills shortages. Gain insights from Forrester’s 2024 predictions and equip your organization with the knowledge to navigate today’s threat ecosystem and stay resilient for the future. Attendees can expect to leave with a pragmatic understanding of the threat ecosystem and practical solutions to enhance security.

You can register to attend Infosecurity Europe here. Please note, seats for Forrester’s event are limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.