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The Deadly Effects Of High Concentration Risk

Madelein van der Hout November 10, 2023
Learn why breaches with a high impact on society, such as recent cyberattacks in Germany, bring more focus on concentration risk.

Infosecurity Europe 2023 — Forrester’s Thoughts

Madelein van der Hout July 19, 2023
(written with Zaklina Ber) Forrester analysts visited Infosecurity Europe 2023 this year and took over 45 meetings with vendors, service providers, and CISOs throughout the event. Walking into the venue, you get overwhelmed by a literal vendor sprawl, with over 500 vendors represented this year. Clearly, the message of security vendor consolidation hasn’t sunk into […]

The Economic Apocalypse Won’t Stop The Demand For Security Skills

Madelein van der Hout May 16, 2023
European CISOs are facing headwinds in geopolitics and workforce retention. Making wise decisions is crucial in such turbulent times, which puts additional pressures on security pros. In our analysis of Forrester’s Security Survey results, we found that:  While tech layoffs dominate the headlines, cybersecurity hiring remains strong. In 2022, Twitter, Meta, and Amazon were at […]

The EU Cyber Solidarity Act Will Fail If It Is Stunted By Geopolitics And Protectionism

Tope Olufon April 19, 2023
On 18 April 2023, the European Commission adopted a proposal for the EU Cyber Solidarity Act to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities in the EU. The proposed act will support detection and awareness of cybersecurity threats, bolster preparedness of critical entities, reinforce solidarity, and improve crisis management and response capabilities across member states. Additionally, the Commission presented […]

Cybersecurity Firms Aren’t Immune To The Economic Downturn

Madelein van der Hout April 19, 2023
Last week, Forrester published its first report on what cybersecurity vendors’ quarterly earnings mean for technology executives. This research involved analysis of earnings calls from 10 publicly listed cybersecurity service providers. This information showcases existing trends and strategies and hopefully saves you some time by highlighting the most important interpretations. Even though most cybersecurity vendors’ […]

Meet The New EMEA Security And Risk Analyst

Madelein van der Hout March 27, 2023
Tell Us About Yourself! After finishing my master’s degree in commercial sciences, I started in the graduate program of the biggest Dutch telecommunication provider of the Netherlands. I have worked in several roles, from the wholesale department to innovation, new business, transformation, and cybersecurity, mostly as a strategic advisor for executive leadership positions. When I […]