I was recently in the market for a new car. My 12-year-old Honda CR-V was on its last legs. I wanted to upgrade my car with leather seats, a navigation system, and lots of trunk space. The new Subaru Outback fit the bill: Not only does it have navigation but it has Bluetooth technology that links my phone to the car so I can make calls. Its cruise control system automatically slows down the car when it detects another car is near. It has heated seats. It’s a complete upgrade from my rusty old Honda, and to be honest, I needed several tutorials from the dealership sales manager to figure out my Jetson-like new car.

Like my car shopping experience, trying to navigate through all the bells and whistles of selecting a marketing performance measurement vendor can be daunting. Vendors’ capabilities vary depending on measurement capabilities, tool functionality, and engagement scope, making the dizzying task of selecting the right — the perfect — measurement vendor even harder. Over the past 18 months, these vendors added more capabilities to their measurement offerings. Their measurement tools have new features that allow for greater depth and breadth of channel and campaign analysis, more automation of data QA checks, and greater collaboration capabilities within the tool. It’s no wonder that a potential buyer could be easily confused with the changing marketing measurement landscape.

Well, look no further: B2C marketers can now navigate this murky marketing measurement landscape by reading our newly published report, “Now Tech: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q3 2019.” Marketers, if you’re considering a measurement vendor, read this now. Vendors vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus — and it can get confusing! Use this report to uncover the potential value that you can expect from a marketing performance measurement vendor.

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